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Clients throughout Florida and Georgia rely on Feldman Law Group PA for aggressive representation in the courtroom. While settlement is always a viable option, we strive to obtain the best outcome for your case or legal matter through skilled negotiations and proven litigation strategies. If in the end that means litigation, we will diligently and meticulously prepare your case to win it at trial.

In today's business world, you need an experienced legal team prepared to do more than just file a lawsuit: You need a team of lawyers with skill, conviction and fortitude who are prepared to aggressively defend your interests through to trial. Contact us for vigorous defense of your rights.

Focused Comprehensive Civil Litigation Services

From overtime wage claims, to related employment or labor law claims, to national class action employment- and labor-related lawsuits, we have handled all types of complex commercial- and employment-related litigation cases. We have handled many multimillion-dollar claims. Our attorneys represent both businesses and individuals involving a broad spectrum of civil litigation throughout the state of Florida, in North Georgia and in numerous other states where our attorneys are licensed to practice.

In every case involving an adverse employment decision or termination, it is important to get the right advice and understanding of what the law is. It is in your best financial interest to consult a lawyer to determine your rights and options. Similarly, any person who has purchased or invested in real estate or real property seeking to terminate the contract, escape or void the contract, or to enforce the contract or to recover a deposit, should have the agreement reviewed by our firm to understand his or her rights and options. Sometimes properly crafted correspondence can achieve the results you seek. However, oftentimes a formal lawsuit and litigation are necessary.

Florida's Comprehensive Civil Litigation Team

We have served many individuals and businesses throughout Florida and beyond as their go to litigation team on a broad spectrum of legal disputes. Time is of the essence to take action against a competitor interfering with your business operations and client relationships, or to seek an injunction to halt former employees from stealing clients and draining your revenues in violation of non-compete and non-solicitation agreements.

Too much money is at stake to rely upon general practitioners or transactional attorneys without the skill and proven litigation strategies of experienced civil litigation lawyers like the team at Feldman Law Group PA. We pride ourselves on providing immediate, aggressive, proven, strategic solutions for complex civil, business, real estate or individual legal disputes.

Outside Counsel To Defend Wrongful Termination Lawsuits:

Every Business Needs A Team Of Experienced Trial Lawyers

In today's litigious environment and volatile economic times, employees often retaliate against an employer for termination, asserting a number of causes of action under the umbrella of the term wrongful termination, which in many cases are without legal merit. Examples of cases many businesses face from terminated employees include whistleblower actions, breach of contract, discrimination or sexual harassment claims and unpaid wage claims, which all force the business to take immediate, strategic legal action to defend the allegations before the company begins to suffer in reputation and financially. Our Florida business law lawyers and Georgia business lawyers will aggressively protect your company's interests and take all actions available against any individual who asserts a false legal claim and who seeks to harm the reputation of the company.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced lawyers regarding a contract dispute, real estate deal or employment matter, please contact one of our offices in Tampa, Naples, Jacksonville, or West Palm Beach, Florida, or our office in Atlanta, Georgia.

The attorneys at Feldman Law Group PA assist employees involved in overtime and wage and hour disputes as well as employment discrimination matters in Tampa, Miami, Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, Saint Petersburg, Clearwater and throughout Florida.