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Are You Entitled To Overtime Pay?

Many people are entitled to overtime pay, despite being declared salaried employees or labeled as exempt by employers. Employers must document the time worked for employees eligible for overtime pay.

Employees have rights under the FLSA to seek recovery of overtime wages plus recovery of reasonable attorneys' fees. The employee may recover two times the actual overtime wages due.

Successful plaintiffs are usually entitled to recover double the amount of improperly unpaid back wages. These are called liquidated damages and are awarded in lieu of interest. Plaintiffs are entitled to this extra payment unless the employer can show it had a good faith belief that it was following the law and that it had reasonable grounds for believing it was complying.

The FLSA has exemptions from overtime pay protections. Several tests are used to determine whether an employee's position is exempt from overtime under the FLSA. As a general rule, job titles alone do not determine the exempt or nonexempt status of an employee. Therefore, just because an employee is deemed to be paid on a salary basis or labeled as a manager is not determinative of whether the employee is exempt under the FLSA.

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