What Happens After I Reach MMI Under Florida’s Workers' Compensation Act?

Florida Workers' Compensation Laws (Chapter 440)

If you have been injured at work, your employer is obligated to provide free medical care plus weekly wage loss benefits until you can return to your job. However, once your doctor states that you are at "maximum medical improvement" (MMI), your employer and insurance carrier will most likely attempt to significantly slash, reduce or terminate your benefits, whether you are able to work or not, and whether you are really at MMI or not. Insurance Carriers and employers attempt to manipulate your treating physician to declare you at a state of MMI and then notify you that your benefits have ceased in whole or in part. Rarely does an insurance carrier or employer tell you that you may not be at overall MMI, or you have the right to challenge the MMI with another opinion such as selecting a change in physicians or an IME (independent medical examination) with a physician of your own choosing. Delays in authorizing an IME, second opinion or one-time charge of the treating physician are part of the games insurance carriers and insurance claims adjusters play to purposefully frustrate and harm injured workers. You need an attorney to protect and enforce your rights and, where needed, to file a Petition for Benefits on your behalf. The insurance carrier and employer need to be held accountable if they do not act timely, quickly and per the requirements of the law.

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What Happens After I Reach MMI in Florida?

If the authorized doctor has decided that you are at or getting close to MMI, then crucial decisions need to be made about how to proceed such that time is of the essence so that you explore your options and are not left without any income. Remember, the insurance company is not interested in you and neither is your employer. All they want is to pay the least amount possible in benefits and get you back to work, whether you are physically capable or not.

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