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For over 2 decades, MITCHELL LLOYD FELDMAN, ESQ., has been a civil litigator, who has worked on the defense and the plaintiff side of cases. Over the last 9 years, Mr. Feldman has focused his practice representing employees and individuals. Mr. Feldman’s bench and jury trial experience includes cases involving the following: Wage and hour claims, personal injuries and automobile accidents, workers’ compensation, Employment Contracts and Whistleblower Actions, and one criminal case. Mr. Feldman has handled cases throughout the state and Federal Courts in Florida, Georgia and cases in Connecticut, Illinois, and New York.

Mr. Feldman is married, and has 2 daughters. He enjoys skiing, outdoor activities, attending Tampa Buccaneers games, Lightning games, Rays Games, and travel.


Mr. Feldman was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1965. He graduated from the University of South Florida in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science in Finance; he also earned his Juris Doctorate from Emory University, in Atlanta, Georgia in 1995. Mr. Feldman became a member of the State Bar of Georgia in 1995 and the Florida Bar in 1996. Since 1996, he has been a practicing member of the Florida Bar, with emphasis on civil litigation throughout State and Federal Courts in Florida, Georgia and numerous other Federal Courts in the United States such as Illinois and New York.

Mr. Feldman proudly has prevailed on numerous cases that have gone to a jury trial. Most recently, in March, 2016, Mr. Feldman, along with co-counsel, prevailed on a multiple Plaintiff Florida Minimum Wage and FLSA jury trial case in the Middle District of Florida, Jacksonville Division styled: Kubiak, et al v. Salt Water Cowboy, Inc. et al, Case No.: 3:12-CV-1306-J-34JRK. The Jury awarded 100% of the damages sought.

Since 2009, Mr. Feldman has primarily practiced in the area of employment law, including handling national and regional class and collective actions related to the wage and hour claims in violation of state laws and the Fair Labor Standards Act. Other types of cases include shareholder and partnership disputes, LLC member disputes, employment contract disputes, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination and equal pay violations.

Mr. Feldman spent 13 plus years primarily focused representing insurance companies and the State of Florida handling insurance defense claims involving workers’ compensation, personal injuries, medical malpractice, civil rights and employment practices liability claims while a partner with the law firm of Silver, Feldman, Bass PA.

In 2009, Mr. Feldman founded and was managing partner of Feldman, Fox & Morgado PA, later known as Feldman Morgado PA and then Feldman Law Group PA, which continued in existence until September, 2016. The law firm had offices in New York, Connecticut, Miami, Ocala, Jacksonville, Tampa and Atlanta Georgia. Mr. Feldman is now in solo practice in Tampa, Florida. The firm was dedicated to representing individuals and employees.

Throughout the years of 2009 through 2016, Feldman Law Group PA and its predecessors, was actively engaged in numerous large scale, class actions and collective actions under state and federal wage laws. Mr. Feldman also handled workers’ compensation, personal injury and numerous shareholder, partnership and LLC member disputes. Many of the cases are listed below.

Mr. Feldman is admitted to practice in all State Courts of Florida and Georgia. He is also admitted to practice in all Federal District Courts in Florida, including the Middle, Northern and Southern District Courts, as well as The Federal District Court in Northern and Middle District of Georgia.

Mr. Feldman is a member of the Tampa Chamber of Commerce, The National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA), the American Bar Association, and the Hillsborough County Bar Association.

Additionally, Mr. Feldman has handled appeals the First and Second District Courts of Florida.



Lytle et al v. Lowe’s LLC; Case No:8:12-CV-1848-T-33-TBM. Settled for $9.5 million dollars (class of Human Resources Managers)

Shallin et al v. Payless Shoesource Inc., Case No. 3:14-CV-00335-RNC. Settled for $2,900,000(class of solo store managers and store leaders)

Gerondadikis v. BL Restaurant Operations LLC, (BAR LOUIE CLASS), Case No. 8:12-cv-00096-EAK-MAP Settled for $1,000,000.00 (servers)

Augustyniak et all v. Lowe’s: Settled for $4,500,000.00 (human resources managers)

Brown, Gillard et al. v. Discrete Wireless d/b/a Nextraq, Case No: 8:14-CV-01922-T-33EAJ: Settled for $750,000.00 (inside sales representatives)

Espanol v Avis/Budget, case no: 8:10-CV-00944-MSS-AEP: Settled for $750,000.00 (shift managers)


CZPOKEK v. TBC Retail Group Inc., Collective action FLSA: Settlement $250,000 pending approval of court. Case no: 8:14-CV-00675-CEH-TBM (tire techs, sales reps and service managers)


Mitchell L. Feldman is an attorney in 219 cases.

2:10-cv-00430-CEH-SPCBisker v. Florida Radiology Consultants, P.A.filed 07/07/10   closed 05/24/11
2:11-cv-00045-UA-DNFMathewson v. Vocatus Medical Management Services, Inc.filed 02/01/11   closed 12/30/11
2:11-cv-00098-UA-DNFSchenburn v. Big Lots Stores, Inc.filed 03/01/11   closed 09/25/12
2:11-cv-00129-UA-DNFMiguel v. The Better Body Shop & Used Car Factory, Inc.filed 03/11/11   closed 09/16/12
2:11-cv-00138-JES-SPCSchenburn v. Big Lots Stores, Inc.filed 03/14/11   closed 11/28/12
2:11-cv-00324-CEH-DNFSteinman v. Wireless City, Inc. et alfiled 06/01/11   closed 06/08/11
2:11-cv-00526-JES-SPCDrake v. Amgen, Inc. et alfiled 09/15/11   closed 01/03/12
2:12-cv-00170-JES-SPCMartin v. BLG Cement, LLC et alfiled 03/26/12   closed 08/14/12
2:12-cv-00403-JES-DNFMcWilliams v. Randy’s Fishmarket Restaurant, Inc. et alfiled 07/27/12   closed 01/08/13
2:13-cv-00535-JES-DNFBrabham et al v. 4 Guys Pizza, LLCfiled 07/17/13   closed 01/10/14
2:13-cv-00573-SPC-CMQuijano et al v. Tuffy Associates Corp.filed 08/05/13   closed 05/28/15
2:14-cv-00404-SPC-CMRuiz et al v. Circle K Stores Inc. et alfiled 07/21/14   closed 03/12/15
2:15-cv-00278-SPC-CMPicard v. Crowther et alfiled 05/01/15   closed 03/15/16
2:15-cv-00657-UA-MRMGomory v. City of Naplesfiled 10/22/15
2:15-cv-00667-JES-MRMGomory v. City of Naplesfiled 10/27/15   closed 06/14/16
3:10-cv-00310-TJC-MCRThe Estate of William E. Elrod et al v. The United States of America et alfiled 04/13/10   closed 06/21/11
3:10-cv-01096-MMH-PDBZaragoza v. Qoncert, LLC.filed 12/01/10   closed 04/10/13
3:11-cv-00687-RBD-JRKJones v. The Cit Group/Business Credit, Inc.filed 07/13/11   closed 08/08/11
3:11-cv-00830-MMH-JBTPrice v. The School Board of Flagler County, Florida et alfiled 08/18/11   closed 05/29/12
3:11-cv-01250-RBD-TEMDalton v. Putnam County Alcohol and Drug Council, Inc.filed 12/20/11   closed 03/28/12
3:12-cv-01002-TJC-JBTBrown v. Bank of America, N.A.filed 09/11/12   closed 04/23/13
3:12-cv-01306-MMH-JRKKubiak v. S.W. Cowboy, Inc.filed 11/30/12   closed 03/23/16
3:14-cv-00094-BJD-MCRMurphy et al v. Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC.filed 01/24/14   closed 12/04/14
3:14-cv-01260-BJD-JRKNunn v. ARS National Services, Inc.filed 10/17/14   closed 01/22/15
3:14-cv-01496-HES-JBTSierra v. Port Consolidated Jacksonville, L.L.C.filed 12/16/14   closed 03/04/16
3:15-cv-00451-TJC-MCRTrotman v. Kaman Aerospace Corporationfiled 04/09/15   closed 11/19/15
3:15-cv-00457-TJC-MCRTrotman et al v. Kaman Aerospace Corporationfiled 04/10/15   closed 11/19/15
3:15-cv-00921-MMH-JRKStewart v. Enhanced Recovery Company, LLCfiled 07/27/15   closed 11/04/15
3:15-cv-01102-TJC-JBTVeltre v. Sliders Seaside Grill, Inc.filed 09/10/15   closed 02/24/16
3:15-cv-01171-TJC-JBTDosenovic v. Sliders Seaside Grill, Inc.filed 10/01/15   closed 02/29/16
3:16-cv-00232-MMH-JRKGibson v. M.T. Productions in Jacksonville, Inc.,filed 03/10/16
3:16-cv-00646-BJD-PDBTurner v. Interline Brands, Inc.filed 05/26/16   closed 09/09/16
3:99-cv-00357-JHMBauer v. Alpitroyer, et alfiled 04/19/99   closed 11/01/01
5:02-cv-00341-WTHCuminotto, et al v. Don Mallon Chevrolet, et alfiled 11/19/02   closed 11/21/03
5:03-cv-00023-WTHBollenback v. City of Inverness, et alfiled 01/21/03   closed 05/18/04
5:08-cv-00531-WTH-GRJAldridge et al v. Festival Fun Parks, LLCfiled 12/09/08   closed 07/14/09
5:09-cv-00513-WTH-GRJDobruck Construction, LLC v. Lake Countyfiled 11/23/09   closed 01/14/10
5:10-cv-00020-WTH-GJKTuro v. Ocala Gran Prix, Inc.filed 01/19/10   closed 03/22/11
5:10-cv-00289-MMH-GRJRogers v. South Lake Hospital, Inc.filed 06/30/10   closed 07/29/10
5:11-cv-00076-RBD-TBSBryant v. Tender Loving Hospitality, Inc.filed 02/17/11   closed 08/23/11
5:12-cv-00207-WTH-PRLHughes v. Bi-Rite Company, Inc.filed 04/25/12   closed 08/23/12
5:12-cv-00218-WTH-PRLHughes et al v. Bi-Rite Company, Inc.filed 05/02/12   closed 08/23/12
5:13-cv-00140-WTH-PRLMoore v. City of Invernessfiled 03/20/13   closed 04/09/14
5:13-cv-00401-ACC-PRLBeck v. Kangaroo Express, Incfiled 08/20/13   closed 11/14/13
5:14-cv-00227-ACC-PRLSuess v. Leopard Transport, Inc. et alfiled 02/20/14   closed 09/09/14
5:14-cv-00234-ACC-PRLSuess v. Leopard Transport, Inc. et alfiled 04/21/14   closed 06/24/14
5:14-cv-00251-ACC-PRLJohnson v. NDS USA, LLC et alfiled 05/01/14   closed 03/03/15
5:15-cv-00053-JSM-PRLMattice v. Giddens Security Corporation et alfiled 02/05/15   closed 04/16/15
5:15-cv-00170-TJC-PRLDeJesus v. First Acceptance Insurance Company, Inc.filed 04/02/15   closed 07/17/15
6:09-cv-01464-JA-KRSChristopherson v. Parrish Medical Centerfiled 08/25/09   closed 10/30/09
6:10-cv-01216-GAP-GJKAmerican Diagnostic Medicine, Inc. v. Suntree Internal Medicine, Inc. et alfiled 08/16/10   closed 11/01/11
6:11-cv-00364-PCF-DABFox v. Hudson’s Furniture Showroom, Inc. et alfiled 03/09/11   closed 07/15/11
6:12-cv-01391-GAP-KRSMorales et al v. Career Education Corporation et alfiled 09/11/12   closed 10/30/12
6:12-cv-01670-ACC-KRSSegien v. TW Metals, Inc.filed 11/07/12   closed 12/11/13
6:13-cv-00054-GAP-KRSAmarelis et al v. Notter School of Culinary Arts, LLC et alfiled 01/09/13   closed 10/27/14
6:13-cv-00218-GKS-KRSNadal-Martinez v. SunTrust Bankfiled 02/08/13   closed 11/21/13
6:13-cv-00702-RBD-DABBaker v. FCNH Inc et alfiled 05/02/13   closed 10/16/14
6:14-cv-00115-PGB-TBSUnited States of America et al v. Medical Services of America, Inc. et alfiled 04/16/13   closed 06/13/16
6:14-cv-00234-GKS-TBSKingsbury v. Notter School of Culinary Arts, LLC et alfiled 02/10/14   closed 10/01/14
6:15-cv-00308-CEM-KRSGottschalk v. Institute of Technical Arts, LLCfiled 02/27/15   closed 06/15/15
6:15-cv-01083-ACC-DABCook v. Smartmed Management, LLC et alfiled 07/06/15   closed 12/07/15
6:15-cv-01235-RBD-TBSMinaya v. 5 Star Facility Maintenance LLC et alfiled 07/30/15   closed 06/24/16
6:15-cv-01521-GAP-DABUnited States of America et al v. Smartmed Management, LLC et alfiled 09/15/15   closed 08/19/16
6:15-cv-02082-CEM-KRSBatchelor v. General Maritime Corporationfiled 12/10/15   closed 08/24/16
6:16-cv-00002-ACC-GJKBower v. Dollar General Corporationfiled 01/04/16
8:07-cv-00213-VMC-TGWSokal et al v. Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc. et alfiled 02/01/07   closed 08/12/08
8:08-cv-00602-JSM-TGWRogers et al v. KAR Holdings, Inc. et alfiled 04/01/08   closed 10/16/08
8:08-cv-01337-JSM-AEPJefferson v. State of Florida Department of Correctionsfiled 07/11/08   closed 06/02/10
8:08-cv-02485-SCB-TGWPelaez v. Hawker Beechcraft Inc.filed 12/15/08   closed 06/10/09
8:09-cv-00594-JDW-EAJSexton-Kohnke v. SDII Global Corporationfiled 03/30/09   closed 06/24/09
8:09-cv-00914-SDM-MAPLombardi et al v. HealthMarkets, Inc. et alfiled 05/18/09   closed 03/10/10
8:09-cv-01097-VMC-TBMDigital 1 Media, Inc. v. Almen et alfiled 06/11/09   closed 11/09/09
8:09-cv-02072-VMC-MAPCohen & Synergy Healthcare Communications, Inc. v. Sudler & Hennessey, L.L.C.filed 10/13/09   closed 06/01/10
8:10-cv-01037-JSM-AEPMoran et al v. Crystal Beach Capital, LLC et alfiled 04/30/10   closed 06/20/11
8:10-cv-01056-JSM-TGWChaney et al v. Crystal Beach Capital, LLC et alfiled 05/04/10   closed 02/08/11
8:10-cv-01058-JSM-AEPDeaguila v. Brighthouse LLCfiled 05/05/10   closed 12/22/11
8:10-cv-01063-VMC-AEPNorris v. Family Owned Service Co. Inc.filed 05/04/10   closed 10/15/10
8:10-cv-01080-VMC-MAPKeen-Napier v. Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.filed 05/06/10   closed 12/21/10
8:10-cv-01196-RAL-TBMKing v. Disney Destinations, LLC, et alfiled 05/24/10   closed 02/07/11
8:10-cv-01202-JSM-AEPChapman v. Grable Plumbing Company, Inc.filed 05/25/10   closed 08/24/11
8:10-cv-01211-JDW-AEPJefferson v. Walgreen Co.filed 05/26/10   closed 01/13/11
8:10-cv-01265-JDW-AEPNguyen v. Ottlite Technologies, Inc.filed 06/04/10   closed 07/27/10
8:10-cv-01342-JDW-AEPRebeck et al v. Wyeth, Inc. et alfiled 06/15/10   closed 07/12/10
8:10-cv-01429-JSM-MAPDevito v. Publix Super Markets, Inc.filed 06/23/10   closed 01/24/11
8:10-cv-01540-EAK-EAJMurph v. Catalina Marketing Corporation et alfiled 07/13/10   closed 11/01/10
8:10-cv-01586-EAK-AEPStover v. GPNP Flamestone, Inc.filed 07/19/10   closed 01/04/11
8:10-cv-01686-JSM-EAJGraham et al v. Ozre Tampa Lodging I, LLC et alfiled 07/29/10   closed 12/16/10
8:10-cv-01731-VMC-TBMDeshong v. Keypath, LLC et alfiled 08/04/10   closed 10/26/10
8:10-cv-01787-VMC-EAJCusmano v. Walgreen Company et alfiled 08/11/10   closed 03/24/11
8:10-cv-01808-SDM-EAJAndrews v. Jabil Circuit, Inc.filed 08/12/10   closed 02/07/11
8:10-cv-01913-SCB-TBMResnick v. Novo Nordisk, Inc.filed 08/27/10   closed 12/30/10
8:10-cv-02022-AEPArrington v. Sky Circle K Tampa Holdings, LLC et alfiled 09/13/10   closed 08/24/11
8:10-cv-02233-VMC-TGWThompson v. Veritas Insurance Group, Inc.filed 10/05/10   closed 01/14/11
8:10-cv-02421-RAL-TGWCorbin v. Bright House Networks, LLC et alfiled 10/28/10   closed 01/31/11
8:10-cv-02640-EAK-TGWWard v. Casual Restaurant Concepts, Inc.filed 11/23/10   closed 05/21/12
8:11-cv-00073-VMC-MAPJirau v. Camden Development, Inc.filed 01/11/11   closed 09/30/11
8:11-cv-00087-SCB-MAPThomas v. Hillsborough Association for Retarded Citizens, Inc.filed 01/12/11   closed 10/06/11
8:11-cv-00194-JSM-TBMCharles v. City of Temple Terracefiled 01/28/11   closed 09/29/11
8:11-cv-00298-JDW-TGWMizerak v. Overstreetfiled 02/11/11   closed 08/24/11
8:11-cv-00318-SDM-EAJJohnson et al v. SZ Enterprises USA, Inc. et alfiled 02/16/11   closed 01/09/13
8:11-cv-00494-VMC-MAPRobinson v. Employment Partners, Inc. et alfiled 03/09/11   closed 05/24/11
8:11-cv-00579-VMC-MAPWolfe v. Tampa Bay Downs, Inc.filed 03/18/11   closed 05/31/11
8:11-cv-00679-SCB-EAJRiley v. MVB Enterprises, LLCfiled 03/31/11   closed 03/29/12
8:11-cv-00889-JSM-AEPDavis v. Sysco International Food Group, Inc.filed 04/22/11   closed 08/23/11
8:11-cv-01165-SDM-AEPTimmins v. Fiberlight, LLCfiled 05/26/11   closed 06/27/11
8:11-cv-01451-VMC-TGWGuzman v. Cafe Alfresco of Pinellas Inc.filed 06/30/11   closed 12/16/11
8:11-cv-01604-EAK-TBMBrowning v. Career Education Corporation et alfiled 07/19/11   closed 06/20/12
8:11-cv-02136-MSS-TBMAkram v. Specialty Restaurants Corporation et alfiled 09/21/11   closed 07/12/12
8:11-cv-02189-SCB-TGWDumerve v. Career Education Corporation et alfiled 09/27/11   closed 02/16/12
8:11-cv-02210-AEPHines v. City of Pinellas Park et alfiled 09/29/11   closed 03/05/12
8:11-cv-02222-EAK-TGWBatton v. SDH Services West, LLC et alfiled 09/30/11   closed 12/28/11
8:11-cv-02253-MSS-TBMKempf v. Allegiant Air, LLCfiled 10/04/11   closed 04/30/12
8:11-cv-02306-SCB-TBMMcLaurin v. Publix Super Markets, Inc.filed 10/12/11   closed 08/10/12
8:11-cv-02537-SCB-TBMKnott et al v. Hennelly Tire & Auto, Inc.filed 11/09/11   closed 11/14/12
8:11-cv-02625-VMC-MAPRivera v. Education Management Corporation et alfiled 11/22/11   closed 05/21/12
8:11-cv-02626-JSM-TGWNash v. Hartford Fire Insurance Companyfiled 11/22/11   closed 06/01/12
8:12-cv-00096-EAK-MAPGerondidakis v. BL Restaurant Operations, LLC. et alfiled 01/17/12   closed 02/13/13
8:12-cv-00111-JSM-TGWCox v. Hyatt Corporationfiled 01/18/12   closed 09/24/12
8:12-cv-00142-EAK-TGWRagan v. Shamrock-Hostmark Tampa Westshores Management, LLCfiled 01/23/12   closed 06/29/12
8:12-cv-00631-MSS-EAJCrittenden et al v. JPMorgan Chase & Co.filed 03/26/12   closed 11/19/12
8:12-cv-00774-EAK-EAJMitchell v. Ambassador Limousine and Sedan, Inc. et alfiled 04/10/12   closed 11/13/12
8:12-cv-00788-RAL-MAPCrittenden v. JPMorgan Chase & Co.filed 04/12/12   closed 09/14/12
8:12-cv-00861-RAL-TGWLong v. American Kiosk Management, LLCfiled 04/19/12   closed 07/12/12
8:12-cv-00941-MSS-AEPHindall v. Olympus Limo, Inc. et alfiled 04/27/12   closed 05/31/12
8:12-cv-01001-SDM-MAPBelli et al v. Hedden Enterprises, Inc.filed 05/07/12   closed 09/14/12
8:12-cv-01002-MSS-MAPKasper v. Metric Engineering Inc.filed 05/07/12   closed 11/04/13
8:12-cv-01018-EAK-EAJBreisch v. Master Maintenance, Inc. et alfiled 05/08/12   closed 06/28/12
8:12-cv-01087-JSM-TGWUnited States of America v. Bridgewater Community Association, Inc.filed 05/16/12   closed 07/23/13
8:12-cv-01262-JSM-AEPAnglin v. Air Rescue Air Conditioning, Inc.filed 06/05/12   closed 02/27/13
8:12-cv-01289-JSM-MAPMundell v. Reach Up, Inc.filed 06/08/12   closed 02/05/13
8:12-cv-01296-JDW-EAJWedgeworth v. Gulf Coast Health Care of Delaware, LLCfiled 06/08/12   closed 10/31/12
8:12-cv-01399-EAK-TBMMiklinski v. Prosport, Inc. et alfiled 06/25/12   closed 04/09/13
8:12-cv-01506-EAK-TGWHouck et al v. Career Education Corporation and International Academy of Merchandising & Design, Incfiled 07/05/12   closed 07/01/13
8:12-cv-01507-VMC-AEPDean v. Community Dental Services, Inc. et alfiled 07/06/12   closed 02/07/13
8:12-cv-01756-JSM-MAPAnderson v. Stiefel Aluminum Inc. et alfiled 08/03/12   closed 06/18/13
8:12-cv-01848-VMC-TBMLytle v. Lowe’s Home Centers, Inc.filed 08/15/12   closed 11/10/14
8:12-cv-01872-JDW-EAJRiggins v. JPMorgan Chase & Co. et alfiled 08/17/12   closed 04/29/13
8:12-cv-01925-VMC-AEPCueto et al v. Medical Services of America, Inc.filed 08/24/12   closed 07/31/13
8:12-cv-01927-VMC-AEPRiggins v. JP Morgan Chase & Co. et alfiled 08/24/12   closed 03/15/13
8:12-cv-02052-EAK-AEPDittman et al v. Superior Communications Solutions, Inc. et alfiled 09/11/12   closed 11/29/12
8:12-cv-02055-EAK-EAJCueto v. Medical Services of America, Inc.filed 09/11/12   closed 04/29/13
8:12-cv-02056-JDW-AEPBrainard et al v. Career Education Corporation et alfiled 09/11/12   closed 03/11/13
8:12-cv-02123-EAK-EAJLucks v. GSS Title, LLC et alfiled 09/21/12   closed 05/21/13
8:12-cv-02155-MSS-AEPMcCaskill v. JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. et alfiled 09/28/12   closed 09/30/13
8:12-cv-02279-SDM-TGWRoonguthai et al v. Thai Thani Tampa, Inc. et alfiled 10/05/12   closed 06/07/13
8:12-cv-02284-JDW-TGWMiele v. Wellcare Health Plans, Inc.filed 10/09/12   closed 03/04/13
8:12-cv-02324-JDW-EAJCupp v. Moran Foods, Inc.filed 10/12/12   closed 02/15/13
8:12-cv-02460-EAK-MAPMorales et al v. Career Education Corporation et alfiled 09/11/12   closed 11/02/12
8:12-cv-02587-JDW-MAPBass v. Gulf Coast HMA Physican Management, LLCfiled 11/15/12   closed 08/01/13
8:12-cv-02588-JSM-TGWMabie et al v. Franchise Equity Group, Inc. et alfiled 11/15/12   closed 06/18/13
8:12-cv-02701-JSM-TBMCouvertier v. Family Preservation Services of Florida, Inc.filed 11/30/12   closed 03/12/13
8:12-cv-02755-SDM-TBMChalker v. Burlington Coat Factory of Florida, LLC et alfiled 12/06/12   closed 01/23/14
8:12-cv-02798-MSS-EAJMorrill v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc et alfiled 12/12/12   closed 05/01/13
8:12-cv-02877-JSM-AEPFarley et al v. Premier Management Group, LLCfiled 12/21/12   closed 01/07/13
8:13-cv-00025-JDW-EAJSethi v. Citigroup, Inc. et alfiled 01/03/13   closed 01/30/13
8:13-cv-00094-JSM-EAJAnderson v. Radioshack Corporationfiled 01/10/13   closed 08/27/13
8:13-cv-00124-EAK-AEPCernohorsky et al v. Career Education Corporation et alfiled 01/14/13   closed 07/01/13
8:13-cv-00125-EAK-TGWCohen et al v. Career Education Corporation et alfiled 01/14/13   closed 07/01/13
8:13-cv-00262-MSS-TBMNunziata v. Healthplan Services, Inc.filed 01/28/13   closed 05/24/13
8:13-cv-00459-JDW-TBMContreras v. Tara Golf and Country Club, Inc.filed 02/19/13   closed 04/24/13
8:13-cv-01086-MSS-AEPGibb et al v. Family Preservation Services of Florida, Inc.filed 04/23/13   closed 09/16/13
8:13-cv-01120-EAK-EAJStevenson v. Leavitt Medical Associates of Florida, Inc. et alfiled 04/25/13   closed 07/25/14
8:13-cv-01126-MSS-AEPSumrall et al v. Career Education Corporation et alfiled 04/25/13   closed 10/07/13
8:13-cv-01284-VMC-AEPCervantes v. Argus Dental Plan, Inc.filed 05/14/13   closed 06/06/13
8:13-cv-01369-JDW-EAJEverett v. Genesco, Inc.filed 05/23/13   closed 04/14/14
8:13-cv-01422-SCB-EAJSmith v. Barron’s Wholesale Tire, LLCfiled 05/31/13   closed 08/08/13
8:13-cv-01448-SDM-AEPCanterbury v. Starboard Group Management Company Incorporated et alfiled 06/03/13   closed 10/01/13
8:13-cv-01494-JSM-MAPDavis v. Florida Metropolitan University, Inc. et alfiled 06/07/13   closed 06/30/14
8:13-cv-01588-VMC-MAPPelaez v. Fiesta Restaurant Group, Inc.filed 06/18/13   closed 12/23/13
8:13-cv-01623-MSS-TBMBarends v. Circle K Stores, Inc.filed 06/21/13   closed 05/20/14
8:13-cv-01704-JSM-TBMLamay v. The Richman Group of Florida, Inc. et alfiled 07/01/13   closed 08/27/13
8:13-cv-02043-MSS-TGWRice v. The District School Board of Pasco Countyfiled 08/07/13   closed 10/30/13
8:13-cv-02077-SDM-TBMAdams et al v. Clements et alfiled 08/12/13   closed 12/11/13
8:13-cv-02127-JDW-TGWMuccino v. SCI Distribution, LLCfiled 08/16/13   closed 10/01/13
8:13-cv-02155-SDM-TBMGibb v. Family Preservation Services of Florida, Inc.filed 08/21/13   closed 12/06/13
8:13-cv-02409-JSM-MAPGale v. Enterprise Holdings, Inc. et alfiled 09/18/13   closed 11/12/13
8:13-cv-02966-RAL-EAJChartrand et al v. Co-Ordinated Benefit Plans, LLC et alfiled 11/21/13   closed 08/11/14
8:13-cv-03023-EAK-TGWKostar v. Brinker International, Inc. et alfiled 11/27/13   closed 04/16/14
8:13-cv-03239-VMC-MAPWuest v. Actsoft, Inc.filed 12/26/13   closed 08/01/14
8:14-cv-00427-JDW-TGWSuess v. Leopard Transport, Inc. et alfiled 02/20/14   closed 04/18/14
8:14-cv-00444-VMC-EAJEnglehart v. Career Education Corporation et alfiled 02/21/14   closed 09/16/14
8:14-cv-00501-SDM-AEPOsborne v. Career Education Corporation et alfiled 02/28/14   closed 07/01/14
8:14-cv-00567-SDM-AEPMendez-Castro v. Career Education Corporation et alfiled 01/28/14   closed 07/24/14
8:14-cv-00613-EAK-TBMOpp v. Simply Wheelz LLCfiled 03/12/14   closed 04/03/14
8:14-cv-00675-CEH-TBMCzopek et al v. TBC Retail Group, Inc.filed 03/18/14   closed 08/03/16
8:14-cv-01082-EAK-TGWRivera v. Dollar Tree Stores Inc.filed 05/07/14   closed 08/18/14
8:14-cv-01110-JDW-EAJMiller v. Neuropsychiatric Institute, LLC et alfiled 05/09/14   closed 11/06/15
8:14-cv-01886-SDM-EAJShepard v. Citrus Hills Investment Properties, LLCfiled 08/05/14   closed 09/05/14
8:14-cv-01895-JSM-TGWAnderson v. John Knox Village of Tampa Bay, Inc.filed 08/06/14   closed 03/25/16
8:14-cv-01922-VMC-EAJBrown et al v. Discrete Wireless, Inc. et alfiled 08/11/14   closed 09/10/15
8:14-cv-02295-SDM-AEPForte v. Concorde Career Colleges, Inc.filed 09/15/14   closed 02/02/15
8:14-cv-02525-EAK-TGWWeinstein v. Clearwater Detail Center, Inc. et alfiled 10/06/14   closed 11/04/14
8:14-cv-02606-CEH-TBMBrown v. Discrete Wireless, Inc. et alfiled 10/15/14   closed 08/19/15
8:14-cv-02750-JSM-TBMCregger v. Bright Horizons Children’s Centers, LLC et alfiled 10/31/14   closed 12/16/14
8:14-cv-02831-RAL-EAJHarris v. UPS, Co.filed 11/13/14   closed 03/13/15
8:14-cv-02952-VMC-TBMNapoli et al v. Premier Hospitalists PL et alfiled 11/25/14
8:15-cv-00209-VMC-TGWMejia et al v. Eliasen Environmental, Inc. et alfiled 01/30/15   closed 07/09/15
8:15-cv-00477-MSS-MAPCocuzza v. Bank of America Corporationfiled 03/05/15   closed 06/12/15
8:15-cv-00531-EAJMougros v. Salivaras et alfiled 03/10/15   closed 06/26/15
8:15-cv-00955-EAK-TGWStramiello v. Discrete Wireless, Inc. et alfiled 04/22/15   closed 10/02/15
8:15-cv-00967-SDM-JSSMorales v. Salivaras et alfiled 04/23/15   closed 06/25/15
8:15-cv-01340-JSM-JSSFaustin v. Progressive Waste Solutions of Florida, Inc.filed 06/05/15   closed 07/21/16
8:15-cv-01885-EAK-AASMoore v. AIA Direct, Inc. et alfiled 08/14/15   closed 08/04/16
8:15-cv-02104-JSM-MAPLytle v. Jobi Staffing LLC et alfiled 09/10/15   closed 01/12/16
8:15-cv-02227-MSS-EAJHunt v. Tech Data Corporationfiled 09/24/15   closed 12/07/15
8:15-cv-02357-MSS-JSSSorensen et al v. Raymond James & Associates, Inc.filed 10/06/15   closed 10/30/15
8:15-cv-02358-RAL-TBMDobbs v. Topgolf USA, Inc. et alfiled 10/06/15   closed 12/23/15
8:15-cv-02548-SCB-TBMFox v. Times Publishing Companyfiled 10/29/15   closed 08/03/16
8:15-cv-02604-RAL-TBMBishop v. Clerk of the Circuit Court & County Comptroller, Pasco Countyfiled 11/05/15
8:15-cv-02627-SCB-MAPVargas v. Payless Shoesource, Inc. et alfiled 11/09/15   closed 01/20/16
8:15-cv-02830-VMC-TBMRodriguez v. Gate Gourmet Inc.filed 12/10/15   closed 02/18/16
8:16-cv-00081-JDW-MAPGillard et al v. Fleetmatics USA, LLCfiled 01/12/16   closed 07/06/16
8:16-cv-00168-VMC-TGWRichards v. WCG Health Management, Inc.filed 01/25/16
8:16-cv-00232-SDM-TBMStokes v. Fort Knox Security, Inc. et alfiled 01/29/16   closed 05/16/16
8:16-cv-00346-CEH-MAPToscano v. Regions Financial Corporation et alfiled 02/12/16   closed 08/03/16
8:16-cv-00405-MSS-TGWPantaleon v. Chris Pittman, MD PA et alfiled 02/22/16   closed 04/04/16
8:16-cv-00488-JDW-AASFreedman v. Windstream Communications, LLCfiled 03/01/16   closed 06/14/16
8:16-cv-00884-EAK-JSSMolina v. Douglas, Knight & Associates, Inc. et alfiled 04/12/16   closed 08/10/16
8:16-cv-01973-SDM-AEPPate v. Fleetmatics USA, LLC


Mitchell Lloyd Feldman is an attorney in 27 cases.

0:09-cv-61127-KAMLaughlin v. Healthmarkets Insurance Corporation et alfiled 07/24/09   closed 03/09/10
0:09-cv-61766-WPDRamos-Perez v. Terminix Internationalfiled 11/05/09   closed 01/14/11
0:11-cv-62310-WPDJones v. Nationshealth et alfiled 10/26/11   closed 07/12/12
0:12-cv-60185-WPDUnited States of America et al v. Everglades College, Inc.filed 02/01/12   closed 08/14/14
0:14-cv-62326-BBSchadt v. Burger King Corporationfiled 10/09/14   closed 12/15/14
0:14-cv-62415-WPDAlson v. Massey-Yardley, Inc.filed 10/21/14   closed 09/09/15
0:16-cv-60403-JICClase v. EJG Marketing, LLC et alfiled 03/01/16   closed 08/30/16
1:03-cv-20040-PCHSupra Telecom. v. IDS Telcom, LLC.filed 01/09/03   closed 08/28/03
1:03-cv-23216-JALSupra Telecom. v. IDS Telcom, LLC.filed 12/04/03   closed 03/23/05
1:11-cv-23879-JALDeLeon v. Big Lots Stores, Inc.filed 10/27/11   closed 08/16/12
1:13-cv-20832-DLGRosario et al v. ATI Enterprises of Florida, Inc. et alfiled 03/08/13   closed 05/29/13
1:14-cv-21604-KMMMartin v. American Shuttle, Incfiled 05/05/14   closed 07/31/14
1:14-cv-23776-JALSierra v. Black Box Corporation of Pennsylvania et alfiled 10/14/14   closed 01/13/15
1:15-cv-20455-KMMTorres Roman v. Burger King Corporationfiled 02/05/15
2:09-cv-14215-KMMEsfahani v. The District Board of Trustees of South Floridafiled 06/29/09   closed 03/11/10
2:12-cv-14239-KMMMoore v. Bay State Milling Companyfiled 06/28/12   closed 01/22/13
9:12-cv-80520-DMMFortuna v. The Gehring Group, Inc.filed 05/15/12   closed 11/01/12
9:14-cv-80442-RLRMorrison v. Shoes for Crews, Inc. et alfiled 04/01/14   closed 09/25/14
9:14-cv-80779-RLRCalway v. Tease Lounge, Inc. et alfiled 06/10/14   closed 08/15/14
9:14-cv-81472-WPDReid et al v. Inbound Call Experts, LLC et alfiled 11/24/14   closed 06/19/15
9:15-cv-80467-KLRMitchell v. Tease Lounge, Inc., et alfiled 04/09/15   closed 01/26/16
9:15-cv-80535-KAMChay v. J.J. Custom Painting & Interior Design, Inc. et alfiled 04/27/15
9:15-cv-80950-DMMEspinoza v. Abellard et alfiled 07/10/15
9:15-cv-81315-RLRPersaud v. K Mart Corporationfiled 09/22/15   closed 10/28/15
9:15-cv-81763-KAMALMASHINI v. West Palm Beach Event Hall LLC et alfiled 12/29/15   closed 04/26/16
9:15-cv-81775-BBAyden v. The BG Group, LLC et alfiled 12/30/15   closed 04/14/16
9:16-cv-80239-KLRSTEER v. GAMA AVIATION (MANAGEMENT) INC.filed 02/19/16   closed 04/15/16


Mitchell L. Feldman is an attorney in 29 cases.

1:12-cv-03373-TWTCarlyle v. Dexis, LLCfiled 09/27/12   closed 02/22/13
1:12-cv-04218-RLVPatterson v. Honeywell International, Inc.filed 12/06/12   closed 06/28/13
1:12-cv-04282-RWSPohl v. Marsu, Inc.filed 12/11/12   closed 02/01/13
1:13-cv-00508-ATSmith v. Vital Recovery Services, Inc.filed 02/15/13   closed 02/09/15
1:13-cv-00534-ATLynn v. Vital Recovery Services, Inc. et alfiled 02/19/13   closed 08/13/14
1:13-cv-00712-TCBSmith v. Vital Recovery Services, Inc. et alfiled 03/06/13   closed 06/25/13
1:13-cv-01343-SCJSligh v. Bank of America Corporationfiled 04/23/13   closed 09/06/13
1:13-cv-02618-ATUmoja v. Grady Memorial Hospital Corporationfiled 08/08/13   closed 11/08/13
1:13-cv-02712-RLVColeman v. Siemens Industry, Inc.filed 08/14/13   closed 01/31/14
1:13-cv-02788-JECPatterson v. Metropolitan Life Insurance Companyfiled 08/21/13   closed 01/06/14
1:13-cv-03658-JOFMable v. AT&T Inc. et alfiled 11/05/13   closed 01/22/14
1:14-cv-01561-ATBiondi v. Bloomin’ Brands, Inc. et alfiled 05/21/14   closed 10/29/14
1:14-cv-02122-MHCMusa v. CSM Bakery Products NA, Inc.filed 07/03/14   closed 01/15/15
1:14-cv-02937-WSDLord et al v. Corporate Employment Resources, Inc.filed 09/12/14   closed 10/22/14
1:15-cv-01616-LMMStanley v. Discrete Wireless, Inc. et alfiled 05/07/15   closed 07/06/16
1:15-cv-03179-ELRChildress v. Surgical Safety Solutions, LLCfiled 09/10/15
1:15-cv-03549-ELRYates et al v. Discrete Wireless, Inc. et alfiled 10/06/15   closed 04/13/16
1:15-cv-03586-LMMMintchev et al v. Fleetcor Technologiesfiled 10/08/15   closed 02/29/16
1:15-cv-04031-TWTCraddock v. I Believe This Is It, Inc. et alfiled 11/18/15   closed 04/05/16
1:16-cv-00695-LMMStanley v. Fleetcor Technologies Operating Company, LLCfiled 03/04/16   closed 06/07/16
1:16-cv-00855-MHCChildress v. Surgical Safety Solutions, LLCfiled 03/16/16
1:16-cv-01092-TCBJones et al v. Fleetcor Technologies Operating Company, LLCfiled 04/04/16
1:16-cv-02003-MHCWalker v. Discrete Wireless, Inc. et alfiled 06/15/16
1:16-cv-02673-ELR-CMSSkinner v. The Home Depot, Inc.filed 07/22/16
1:99-cv-02824-WBHCargo Expediting, et al v. Geologistics Corp., et alfiled 10/29/99   closed 04/07/03
2:12-cv-00298-WCOJohnson v. Ownerwiz LLC et alfiled 12/19/12   closed 09/05/13
2:13-cv-00230-WCOPatterson v. North Georgia Community Action, Inc. et alfiled 10/04/13   closed 07/18/14
2:14-cv-00073-WCOHackett v. Johnson Junction, Inc.filed 04/16/14   closed 10/09/14
3:15-cv-00005-TCBCastellanos v. City of LaGrange, Georgiafiled 01/09/15   closed 05/29/15


1:04-cv-00026-MP-AKNGUYEN et al v. DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION et alfiled 02/27/04   closed 02/02/10
1:04-cv-00430-SPM-AKCUMMINGS v. UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDAfiled 12/01/04   closed 09/30/08
1:11-cv-00188-MP-GRJCASTILLO v. COUNCIL ON AGING OF FLORIDA INCfiled 09/09/11   closed 01/20/12
3:14-cv-00441-MCR-CJKUNITED STATES OF AMERICA et al v. A T SOLUTIONS INCfiled 08/29/14   closed 06/14/16
4:14-cv-00123-RH-CASMAHAFFEY NEUMANS v. CIRCLE K STORES INCfiled 03/05/14   closed 05/02/14
4:14-cv-00197-RH-CASLAWRENCE v. KRISHNA INCORPORATION OF NORTH FLORIDA INC et alfiled 04/17/14   closed 08/15/14
4:14-cv-00461-MW-CASPOWELL v. SAPP’S LAND & EXCAVATING, INC. et alfiled 08/29/14   closed 10/21/14
5:09-cv-00084-RS-MDHANNEMAN v. JEFFERSON NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANYfiled 03/19/09   closed 02/26/10
5:09-cv-00089-RS-EMTHANNEMAN v. HOUSEHOLD LIFE INSURANCE COMPANYfiled 03/20/09   closed 04/20/10
5:09-cv-00127-RS-MDHANNEMAN v. LIBERTY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANYfiled 04/01/09   closed 04/23/10
5:10-cv-00115-RS-EMTHANNEMAN v. GUARANTEE TRUST LIFE INSURANCE COMPANYfiled 05/13/10   closed 01/05/11
5:15-cv-00009-MW-GRJDAVIDSON et al v. NANTWORKS LLC et alfiled 01/14/15   closed 06/30/15


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