After a motor vehicle accident that results in serious injuries or death, the focus often immediately turns to determining which driver is liable or what the comparative fault was for the accident. But in many cases, the fault for an accident can lay in the design of a road or intersection or with the lack of proper warning signs and other safety measures.

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Factors That Make An Intersection Dangerous

A number of things can make an intersection more likely to be the site of serious car accidents, including:

  • No traffic lights
  • Blind spots
  • Curves in the road
  • Trees blocking views

If the city, county or state responsible for managing a road is aware of these dangers and fails to address them properly or warn drivers of the dangerous conditions, these municipalities can be held negligently liable for any injuries or deaths that occur as a result of an accident. Any property owner who causes an accident to occur or contributes to an accident occurring due to the existence of landscaping, trees and shrubs or other objects causing a lack of visibility to drivers can also be held liable.

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