Sales Account Manager Contract Dispute with IDS Telecom

This case, Phyllis Heiffer v. IDS Telecom and IDS Long Distance, was handled by Mitchell Feldman, Esq. Broad and Cassel, was counsel for Plaintiff Heiffer. At issue was a labor and employment and contract dispute between Heiffer, a former sales/national account manager, and IDS, her former employer. The venue for the case was Broward County, Florida and the presiding Judge was Streitfeld. The case went to a jury trial in May and June 2004, lasting four days.

The Result

Directed verdict for both parties on main contract claims litigated.

Summary of the Facts and Legal Issues

Plaintiff Heiffer filed suit against her former employer, IDS, for breach of the employment agreement, violation of the Florida Whistleblower Statute, unpaid salaries and wages, intentional infliction of emotional distress. IDS counter-sued for breach of the employment agreement under several sections, civil theft of a computer and theft of trade secrets.

Heiffer dropped the first substantive part of her whistleblower claim in the discovery phase, and then on the day of trial, voluntarily dismissed the remainder of the claim. IDS prevailed and was awarded attorneys fees and costs by the court. IDS was further awarded attorneys fees and costs on the breach of contract claim filed by Heiffer after prevailing on directed verdict, and on Heiffer’s claims for unpaid salaries, wages and bonuses under Florida statutes and the employment agreement.