When a developer refuses to adhere to a contract, you need real estate litigation experienced attorneys on your side such as those at the Feldman Legal Group. Too much is at stake in a real estate investment and deposit not to secure aggressive representation.

Contract disputes can arise from a variety of factors and disagreements. You need an advocate at your side protecting your rights. Do not hesitate. Have us review your contract immediately. Contact us today.

We Explore All Options in Resolving Your Contract Dispute

At the Feldman Legal Group, we recognize that real estate contract disputes can stall a construction project of any size. We work hard to identify the dispute and resolve it between both parties through negotiations and proven legal strategies. With so much time and money at stake, you need to have the contract reviewed for enforceability and severability before filing a lawsuit. We can review all contracts and put it to the test under the law, providing you with an educated decision on whether to take the dispute to the courts.

However, when negotiations fail, you need attorneys who are experienced trial lawyers in civil and business litigation. If a lawsuit and trial provides the best opportunity for a favorable outcome or recovery, we will not hesitate in taking your matter to court. We are always prepared on any lawsuit we handle for our clients to represent their interests at the trial level. We do not have to refer the case out to other attorneys, and have a track record of success in trying contract disputes.

Experience in Contract Creation And Litigation

Our experience drafting real estate contracts comes into play when resolving contract disputes. We know how to create and properly draft a contract. With that experience and knowledge, your rights receive maximum protection in a contract dispute.

Talk to a Contract Dispute Lawyer

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced contract dispute lawyer, please contact one of our offices in Tampa or Atlanta, Georgia.

Client Testimonial

”Mr Feldman is very professional and handled my case with the best results for me. I have worked with him twice, he had always kept me informed of everything that was going on on the case, he answered all my emails and he was always available if I wanted to contact him over the phone. He is very knowledgeable and he treated me with a lot of respect. If you need a lawyer, definitely you have to work with Mr. Feldman, you wont regret it. He is the best!” – Lissi Lytle (Google Review)