At Feldman Legal Group, we fight for employees who have been treated unfairly at work. Our attorneys serve clients from Tampa and Atlanta and throughout Florida and Georgia.Every employment law case is different, but these five general guidelines can help you improve your chances of a successful outcome:

  1. Get everything in writing: An email that demonstrates your employer is breaking the law is a lot more effective as evidence than your spoken testimony. Get everything in writing and save any files and documents that may bear on your case.
  2. Keep track of the details: Record the times and dates of all relevant meetings and interactions. The more facts you have backing up your claim, the better chance you have of obtaining a successful outcome.
  3. Watch your social media use: Defense counsel may scour your social media use to find anything it can use to diminish your claim. Anything you post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media sites can be used against you.
  4. Don’t quit: It may be tempting to resign, given that you are being treated unfairly. However, quitting your job could diminish your chances of achieving legal success.
  5. Talk to an attorney: An experienced employment lawyer can help you understand your rights and how the law applies to your situation. Consult with a trusted lawyer before making any significant decisions.

To learn more and discuss your claim with an experienced employment attorney, contact our law offices online or by telephone at 877-946-8293.