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We Investigate Unlawful Employment Practices

Did your employer unfairly terminate your contract? Have you been subjected to a hostile work environment? Are you wondering how you can get justice for the resulting damages? Many workers in Oldsmar experience workplace disputes with their employers. Feldman Legal Group has a team of employment attorneys to assist you in filing a legal suit against your employer.

If you believe your employer infringed upon your employee rights, working with an experienced Oldsmar employment attorney is your best option.

What Does An Employment Attorney Do?

Employment attorneys at Feldman Legal Group handle issues and disputes that arise between employers and employees. Employment law is a vast field including broad issues and disputes emanating from situations such as:

  • Company policies and procedures that infringe upon employees’ rights
  • Wage/hourly disputes
  • Employers’ breach of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Discrimination cases
  • Whistleblower claims
  • Violations of workplace regulations, including those of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Employment attorneys have experience handling workplace issues with federal and state departments and organizations. Your attorney researches the codes, statutes, and regulations concerning your specific case to assess how best to represent you.

Our team at Feldman Legal Group has the experience required and a positive record to show for it. We are committed to protecting the rights of Oldsmar employees from employers and organizations that violate employee rights.

Learn more about how to solve the dispute with your current employer by reaching us today at 877-946-8293.

Oldsmar Employment Law Firm: How We Can Help

Our employment attorneys at Feldman Legal Group offer various legal services to help you get justice. Some of the tasks we do for you include:

Explaining Your Rights

Once you contact us, we begin by explaining the rights you enjoy as an employee. These explanations include insights into the applicable laws, including the basics of litigation, negotiation with your employer, mediation, and other processes.

You want to know the pros and cons of each approach to help you choose the right path to safeguard your rights and benefits. Our Oldsmar employment attorney handles a wide range of cases involving employees. For more information about what we do, click here.

Have You Lost Your Job for Questionable Reasons?

Whatever the reasons that prompt dismissal, your employer should observe the law. The employer should prepare you for the pending contract termination in advance and give you all benefits due. State and laws protect you from improper termination.

Has your employer terminated you without clear reasons? Our wrongful termination lawyer investigates your case to determine where your employer wronged you and enhance your reinstatement and compensation for lost pay and damages.

Payment and Overtime Issues

The Fair Labor Standards Act states that employers are responsible for paying minimum wage and overtime to non-exempt employees. However, not all employers comply with this law. Some employers pay workers unfairly in order to save costs.

Our overtime pay attorneys are here to review your situation and assist you in getting deserved compensation if your employer has been mistreating you. We understand that pay discrepancies are a common issue in many organizations, and many employees suffer at the hands of their employers. Feldman Legal Group focuses on helping you to receive compensation for any payment-related disputes.

Handling Whistleblower Claims in Oldsmar

Workplace whistleblowers often undergo victimization and threats for reporting issues about their organization. Have you been victimized for registering a legitimate complaint against your employer for unfavorable policies or actions? Whether your employer has terminated your contract or demoted you as a result, you don’t deserve any such punishments. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) protects you from possible victimization after reporting unlawful organization actions or policies. We believe everyone should feel comfortable enough to report wrongdoing without fear of being retaliated against, and we will help protect your liberties.

Leave Disputes In Oldsmar

It is wrong for employees to discriminate against you by delaying your maternity leave or giving you a short leave. The Family Medical Leave Act guarantees up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave per year to care for an individual’s serious medical condition or that of a family member.

This leave policy applies not only to expectant mothers and new mothers but also to other employees. The law allows you to request a period off to attend to your family member.

Reach Feldman Legal Group for assistance if your employer has denied the benefits of this act.

Our employment lawyer in Oldsmar can help you receive back pay, front pay, and compensation for your damages. And, if you have been let go, we can help you to be reinstated to your position.

Enforcing Oldsmar Employment Agreements

Most employers require you to sign an agreement as part of your contract. These documents range from promises to not work for competitors for a specific time to agreements setting out the terms of potential severance packages. Both parties should abide by the agreement throughout the contract. Our Oldsmar employment attorney helps you to seek compensation if your employer fails to honor their part of the bargain.

We Protect You Against Discrimination

The law prohibits workplace discrimination. Your employer has no right to subject you to any form of racial, gender, or appearance discrimination. Speak to our Oldsmar attorney if your employer has subjected you to workplace discrimination. We will work with you to ensure that you get justice.

Responding to Sexual Harassment in Your Oldsmar Workplace

Sexual harassment is another common workplace problem. Sexual harassment, in any form, is unacceptable, and we believe you have the right to fight back and feel safe in the workplace. Our team addresses sexual harassment claims with a combination of sensitivity and outrage. We will listen to you and file a case against the perpetrators within the company.

Supporting Those with Disabilities

The Americans with Disabilities Act protects a vulnerable segment of our population. Disabilities, in and of themselves, should not and cannot be why an organization refuses to hire or accommodate you. We believe that everyone should be judged on the merit of their work and not the disability they might possess. If you are disabled and feel your employer terminated your employment due to a disability, we are here to help.

Feldman Legal Group: Skilled Employment Lawyers in Oldsmar

Counsel From Experienced Professionals with a Proven Record of Success

Our employment law attorneys in Oldsmar are committed to upholding the rights of employees in Oldsmar and the surrounding areas. Our team has years of experience and is well-versed in federal and Florida employment laws. Our managing attorney, Mitchell Feldman, has over 25 years of experience handling employment law cases.

While we always hope to settle our cases in the negotiation process, we are ready, when necessary, to take them to trial. Our Oldsmar labor lawyers are skilled negotiators as well as aggressive litigators. We are professionals with a positive track record in handling employment and other workplace-related disputes.

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Our team fights aggressively to get justice for workers. Did your employer violate your rights? We can help. Count on the experience of our Oldsmar employment lawyer to resolve your dispute.