A hostile work environment can cause untold stress, anxiety and shame, making work and life miserable for victims. Our Tampa hostile work environment lawyers understand well how hostility in the work place can adversely affect employees. Many factors can contribute to a hostile work environment, and most often they are in the context of sexual harassment.

Some of the most common forms of harassment are:

  • Crude jokes
  • Offensive images
  • Inappropriate touching

If you have suffered sexual harassment at work and are exploring your legal options, the attorneys at Feldman Legal Group are here for you. We handle all types of sexual harassment claims, including hostile work environment claims and quid pro quo something for something claims. We offer free assessments and if you have a case, we are zealous litigators who will protect your rights.

What Makes a Work Environment Hostile?

To be considered a hostile work environment, the offensive behavior must be discriminatory in nature. In other words, it must involve in some way gender, race, religion, disability or another protected characteristic. Your employer or manager can be rude, condescending and downright mean, but as long as that bad behavior is not based on a protected characteristic, like sex or gender, it does not meet the legal definition of a hostile work environment.

The Type of Hostility Matters but Behavior Does, Too

The behavior must be severe enough to disrupt your ability to work and advance in your career. A one-time event is not likely grounds for a claim. However, if the hostile work environment persists, it may be actionable.

Remember, not all hostile work environments are of a sexual nature. Offensive racial or religious jokes or harassment based on those characteristics may also constitute a hostile work environment.

We Can Help You Through This Difficult Time

Our Tampa hostile work environment lawyers can examine the details of your case to determine if you have legal recourse. We are here to be the strong allies you need in this sensitive legal matter. To learn more and discuss your sexual harassment claim with a knowledgeable employment lawyer, contact our law offices online or by telephone at 877-946-8293. Feldman Legal Group has law offices in Florida and Georgia, including in Tampa and Atlanta.