SEC Whistleblower Lawyer

Our SEC whistleblowers lawyers at Feldman Legal Group will fight for your case and ensure that you receive the compensation that you are due for reporting securities fraud. With our skill and experience in the field, we will ensure that you get the maximum award for blowing the whistle. Our assistance will ensure that your rights are protected, and we will appropriately resolve the case for you to come out on the winning end.

Being aware of wrongdoings in an organization and not having the power to report such cases can lead to the organization’s downfall and affect you negatively. In addition to having the ability to report wrongdoings with a good conscience, you may receive a monetary reward for doing so.

If you have original information regarding a company or an individual violating any of the U.S. securities laws, schedule a meeting with our SEC whistleblower lawyers.

Blow The Whistle and Get Your Award

We recommend whistleblowing with the cover of anonymity as such an action can be dangerous for you. In addition to assisting you to make your report to the SEC anonymously, our SEC whistleblower attorneys will also ensure that you get the highest possible compensation for providing valuable information about any wrongdoing. These tips should include original information regarding any violation of the federal securities laws, such as Ponzi schemes, insider trading and various forms of fraud.

Numerous factors can hinder you from reporting a fraudulent action you witnessed at work. Such factors include the retaliation you can face from the responsible party or the assurance that making the report does not put you in any danger. Having a securities fraud whistleblower attorney in your corner will save you a great deal of stress by legally eliminating these factors for you. The Securities and Exchange Commission also provides incentives for whistleblowers in the form of monetary awards, and our law office is dedicated to ensuring that you are adequately rewarded for providing helpful information.

If you have seen or experienced fraudulent activities at your workplace and you want to whistleblow without fear, we are dedicated to providing you with the necessary support you need. Our solid background and professional expertise qualify us in helping you obtain the compensation you deserve while protecting you from any form of retaliation, including dismissal, termination and harassment.

How Can an SEC Whistleblower Lawyer Help?

Pursuing an SEC whistleblower award by yourself can be a long, thorny and fruitless path. Our whistleblower lawyer has the skills and technical knowledge that are mandatory in helping you get that award regardless of the intricate specifics of the case.

Ascertain Your Eligibility for an SEC Whistleblower Award

Neither having a useful tip regarding fraud and other wrongdoing nor submitting such information to the SEC guarantees that you get an award or compensation. A securities fraud lawyer will assist you with crucial guidance regarding the necessary steps in being eligible for an SEC whistleblower award besides submitting a tip. Regardless of your information being beneficial to the SEC in taking enforcement actions on the responsible party, lack of compliance to the essential procedures will render you ineligible for any bounty that the SEC would award for the information.

Eligibility for an SEC whistleblower award is not bound by citizenship and is open to corporate professionals such as auditors, officers and directors. The SEC recognizes that personnel in such positions are more likely to observe and report fraudulent activities than employees in other positions. Consulting with an SEC whistleblower attorney before or after you submit a tip will help address your eligibility for an award and take the necessary actions to ensure that you are entitled to one.

Submit Your Tip Anonymously

Reporting a violation of federal securities laws is a courageous deed, especially with the possible risks that follow doing so. Not only can you lose your job, but whistleblowing can also negatively impact your career, leaving you stranded with few options. Acknowledging these risks, the SEC Whistleblower Program provides anonymity for whistleblowers that submit tips. With an SEC whistleblower attorney representing you, claiming your award for the information you provided anonymously will not be an issue.

In the case that you face retaliation from the violating party, you are entitled to protection as stated in the whistleblower program as noted in Section 922 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. These laws protect whistleblowers against retaliation and actions taken to impede reporting. Our SEC whistleblower lawyers are devoted to protecting your rights and ensuring that you are safe from any form of revenge.

Make a Claim That the SEC Can’t Overlook

Having a tip regarding violations of securities laws is only the beginning of the journey towards getting your award. The SEC receives thousands of leads and only attends to those that pass specific criteria; hence, submitting your tip does not guarantee enforcement action. For starters, the SEC is more likely to address claims reported via an SEC whistleblower lawyer with a solid reputation for representing individuals in that situation.

Various conditions, including the information’s credibility, specificity and timeframe, come under consideration for the SEC to further analyze and investigate a whistleblower’s tip. In addition to evidence proving the responsible party violates a law, the whistleblower must report the claim persuasively. A securities fraud whistleblower lawyer is well-versed in SEC laws, including the type of investigated claims and all the necessary procedures involved in analyzing your claim to maximize its chances regarding an investigation.

Get the Maximum SEC Whistleblower Award Particular to Your Claim

After submitting your tip, and the SEC investigates the information leading to successful enforcement actions, you may believe you are entitled to receive an SEC whistleblower award. However, assisting the SEC in apprehending violators of securities fraud laws does not guarantee you get a reward. Certain factors determine whether you get an award and the amount you receive.

As a tipster, you are entitled to a monetary award between 10% to 30% of the total amount of the penalty; if acting on the information you provided, the SEC successfully enforced a financial penalty of over $1 million.

Besides submitting information that the SEC was previously unaware of, factors that affect the percentage you receive include your degree of involvement in the wrongdoing. By hiring an SEC whistleblower lawyer, you can properly apply for an award and get the maximum percentage for your tip.

Our SEC Whistleblower Lawyers Answer Your Frequently Asked Questions

Whistleblowing comes with risks, in the form of retaliation from the guilty party or the possible negative impact on your career if your identity is exposed. Your best bet to avert such risks is the aid of an SEC whistleblower attorney to guide you through the legal processes and maximize your award. We are here to answer your questions regarding whistleblowing, the possible duration of an investigation and how you can get a monetary reward.

How can I be eligible to be an SEC whistleblower?

According to the SEC, a whistleblower must provide original information regarding any event concerning the possibility of violating U.S. securities laws. You must provide this information voluntarily and submit the claim before, during or after the violating event takes place, with necessary evidence. Eligible for an SEC whistleblower award not only requires your tip to be original, but it must result in successful SEC enforcement actions leading to monetary sanctions of over $1 million.

Although multiple individuals can qualify as a whistleblower, a corporation or organization doesn’t. There are additional rules and laws in place for clarifying whether you’re eligible or not. For example, if you’re submitting a tip regarding a company, being an employee at the company isn’t mandatory for your eligibility.

Consulting a securities whistleblower lawyer will enable you to verify your eligibility to be a whistleblower and submit yours in the most recommended acceptable manner.

Can I remain anonymous after whistleblowing?

When it comes to whistleblowing, anonymity is one of the significant factors that help in averting retaliation. The choice of being anonymous or not, regarding the tip, is yours to make. However, understanding the risks involved in whistleblowing, and for your protection, the SEC is dedicated to guarding your identity.

There are limits to how much the SEC can protect your identity, and under specific circumstances in carrying out enforcement actions, the SEC can reveal your information as a whistleblower. For example, if your testimony in court as a key witness is necessary for enforcing legal action against the defendant, the SEC will most likely reveal your identity. Besides these particular cases, the SEC will ensure that your identity remains anonymous. Additionally, submitting your claim via an SEC whistleblower attorney maximizes your award while retaining your anonymity.

How much can I get paid for whistleblowing?

Under certain conditions, according to the SEC Whistleblower Program, whistleblowers are entitled to a monetary award. Provided that by acting on the tip submitted by the whistleblower, the SEC enforces actions that lead to financial sanctions exceeding $1 million. After successful enforcement actions, you have to apply to the SEC for your monetary award.

After learning about the opportunity to apply for an award, an SEC whistleblower attorney can effectively guide you through the necessary procedures and required documents for a successful application process. You must apply for your award promptly according to the mandatory steps; otherwise, the award is no longer available after the deadline expires. If you are working with the SEC staff during the investigation, the SEC may contact you or your securities fraud whistleblower lawyer if you have the opportunity to apply for an award.

You can also keep an eye on the Notices of Covered Action page where the SEC posts successful cases with over $1 million in sanctions and apply for a whistleblower award regarding a matter for which you may be eligible. You can also sign up to get updates every time new cases are added to the page.

How do I qualify for an SEC whistleblower award?

Qualifying for an SEC whistleblower award mainly hinges on your tip’s originality and how you submit it. The originality here refers to whether the SEC is aware of the information beforehand or accessible to the public. A case where someone offered the same tip before you did makes you ineligible for the award — unless you can prove that you are the original source of the information that the person provided. Generally, if the information is open or accessible to the public, submitted by another person with proof that you are the source or in the knowledge database of the SEC, it is not original.

Likewise, voluntarily submitting the tip means you can provide information without any form of questioning or inquiry from the SEC or any law enforcement agency. Another vital factor regarding award qualification is the monetary sanctions enforced due to your information. The sanctions must exceed $1 million for the 10-30% award from the total to be applicable. Personnel such as public accountants working on engagements requiring the SEC’s involvement do not qualify for whistleblower awards due to their positions. Before making your submission, ensure that you consult an SEC whistleblower lawyer to confirm your eligibility for an award and begin the proper processes to get it.

What are the forms of retaliation from whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing is an action that comes with various risks, in several forms, especially from the party responsible for violations you are reporting. Retaliation refers to a violating party carrying out adverse actions towards the reporting party. For example, an employer may fire, demote, harass or relocate an employee because that employee reported a violation of federal securities laws.
Such retaliation can also come from wrongful termination of whistleblowers, preventing others from revealing vital, valuable information to the SEC in enforcing legal action. SEC whistleblower lawyers are devoted to protecting your rights from any and every form of retaliation you may face as a whistleblower.

Let Us Protect You Against Retaliation and Get You That SEC Whistleblower Award

Whistleblowers are important to the success of society. By reporting and exposing parties that commit violations to U.S. securities laws, they assist in recovering funds that can be used for community development. Due to their importance and the risks that follow whistleblowing, they are entitled to monetary awards under the SEC’s whistleblower program.

Whether you require help against any retaliation you are facing for whistleblowing, or you require assistance in applying for and maximizing your reward, we provide the support you need. Our seasoned SEC whistleblower lawyers at Feldman Legal Group are devoted to effectively representing you and protecting your rights regarding any matter associated with blowing the whistle.

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