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If the negligence of another individual or entity caused you serious injury or a loved one’s death, the Feldman Legal Group offers the experience, insight and skill to guide you through the legal system and aggressively pursue your rightful compensation.

With offices in Tampa and Atlanta, our proven personal injury attorneys fight for injured people throughout Florida and Georgia.

We handle serious injury claims resulting from car accidents and truck accidents, as well as medical negligence, work-related injuries, other personal injury accidents and wrongful deaths. You owe it to yourself and your family to choose a law firm with the trial experience and commitment to obtain the best possible resolution.

Tampa Personal Injury Lawyers

From a fun family outing to a routine trip to the store, injuries happen in many ways at the most unexpected times. Sometimes another party is clearly at fault, and sometimes the connection is not so obvious or easily proven.

The experienced attorneys of the Feldman Legal Group have broad experience in personal injury claims and litigation. We have helped hundreds of clients recover monetary damages for their losses by establishing the negligence of others in a wide range of cases.

Contact us to explore a possible lawsuit in a free case evaluation. We handle serious personal injury and wrongful death claims in the Tampa Bay area and across Florida.

Serious Trial Lawyers for Serious Injury Cases

However your injuries occurred, trial attorney Mitchell Feldman has the background, the resources and the dedication to pursue your maximum compensation. With years of experience, including an impressive winning trial record, he has handled a diverse array of personal injury cases, including:

Our legal team is skilled at identifying all liable parties, from careless individuals to businesses, property owners or manufacturers that failed in their duty to protect you from harm.

Experienced Trial Attorneys. We Are Different.

Founding attorney Mitchell L. Feldman has practiced in injury litigation since 1995. For most of his legal career, he defended insurance companies in motor vehicle accident and workers’ compensation claims. He knows the tactics that insurers use to delay claims, deny coverage or settle cases for far less money than they are worth.

Armed with these valuable insights, Mr. Feldman now advocates forcefully for personal injury plaintiffs. There may be bigger law firms, but you won’t find a legal team that is more tenacious or more qualified to battle for the compensation you deserve. Our injury law firm takes only those cases we believe in, and when it’s in our clients’ best interests, we go to trial to win and not just to force a settlement.

We Work for You. We Fight for You.

We know what your case is worth. We have the resources to conduct a thorough investigation to prove negligence and calculate damages for the devastation in your life. We are skilled in negotiations and fearless in big cases against powerful corporations and insurance companies.

In whatever way an injury has impacted your life — as an injured motorist, as the surviving family member of a patient who died under a physician’s care, as an injured worker — our personal injury lawyers are ready to help. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.