Florida Workplace Injury Lawyers

Although most Florida construction workers are aware of the existence of OSHA — which is the acronym for the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration — they may hear the term most often as part of a warning not to get this agency involved or provide it with information about job safety concerns. Once an accident occurs, however, evidence of OSHA violations may be critical in victims’ efforts to recover just compensation.

At Feldman Legal Group. — a respected statewide injury law firm with offices in Tampa and Atlanta — we are equipped to handle the most complex and serious construction and industrial accident claims. This includes:

  • Defending your rights under workers’ compensation laws
  • Pursuing third-party lawsuits for injury-causing workplace negligence by contractors, subcontractors and other responsible parties
  • Protecting you from unlawful retaliation by your employer for “whistleblowing” to OSHA in support of your own and other workers’ health and safety

How Can OSHA Inspections And Investigations Factor Into Your Case?

The mission of OSHA is to prevent and reduce workplace injuries and death, and its reach extends across the spectrum of industries and work environments for non-government employees. A diligent attorney evaluating whether you have a cause of action will almost certainly take steps to review a company’s past OSHA safety record as well as any OSHA findings relevant to the specific accident.

A record of OSHA violations by a company whose negligence caused you harm can be an extremely strong indication that you have a valid cause of legal action. Such violations may include:

  • Failures to properly train workers
  • Failures to provide proper, OSHA-mandated safety equipment and protections for people working at heights, working with hazardous chemicals or facing other known risks
  • Failures to post adequate warnings and barriers on work sites
  • Failures to promptly report workplace injuries and deaths in compliance with OSHA requirements

Contact A Proven Work Injury Attorney About Your Potential Claim

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