Harmful Outcomes From Prescription Medication Errors

When pharmacists and pharmacy workers make mistakes, lives are endangered. The wrong drug or the wrong dose can be devastating and sometimes fatal. The attorneys of Feldman Legal Group. have successfully connected the dots to hold pharmacies accountable for the adverse effects of misfilled orders and other errors.

If you suffered a stomachache, a headache or a short-lived rash, you probably don’t have grounds to sue. But if you required emergency medical care, or if a family member died or suffered permanent damage, we are prepared to fight for your rights and fair compensation.

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Tampa Pharmacist Negligence Lawyer

We have secured damages in lawsuits against major drug store chains, retailers with pharmacy departments and corner store pharmacies for the unforgivable negligence of their pharmacists and staff:

  • Misread prescriptions and misfilled orders (wrong drug)
  • Order mix-ups (someone else’s prescription)
  • Dosage errors
  • Failure to check for documented drug allergies
  • Known cross-reactions with other medications
  • Errors in labeling or instructions

A wrong prescription, overdose or bad reaction may indeed have caused your loved one’s heart attack, stroke, hemorrhage, brain damage, organ failure, blindness, skin disorders and other serious illness or irreversible harm.

Thus pharmacists have a duty to verify any questionable prescription with the doctor and to check for known contraindications. A well-run pharmacy should have protocols to prevent dispensing errors and mix-ups. Our attorneys know how to establish liability. Did the pharmacist check the computer? Was our client given specific instructions for a potent and potentially deadly drug? Was the pharmacy understaffed? Did someone other than a licensed pharmacist dispense medications?

Tampa Drug Overdose Injuries Lawyer

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