Injuries At Stadiums And Sports Arenas

Music concerts and sporting events promote a lively atmosphere and encourage or condone the excess consumption of alcohol. So it’s not a stretch to hold the organizers and property owners liable when the crowded conditions or rowdy behavior of fans leads to injuries.

The law firm of Feldman Legal Group. has successfully sued owners of stadiums, arenas and race tracks for serious injury accidents. Our experienced trial attorneys are skilled at connecting these incidents to specific negligence on the part of the venue owners, promoters or private security companies.

If you or a family member was badly hurt at a stadium event, arrange a free case evaluation today. We serve the Tampa Bay area, surrounding counties of Florida and statewide.

Florida Spectator Injury Lawyers

We have handled a wide range of personal injury cases at rock concerts, sports venues, car races and other public events:

  • People trampled by crowds
  • Injuries from thrown objects
  • Crowd surfing and diving into throngs
  • Falls from balconies and collapsed railings
  • Slip-and-fall injuries (slick floors, construction defects)
  • Pedestrian accidents and other parking lot injuries
  • Assault or rape

Although the accident may trace to the actions of a drunken or reckless individual, the owner of the venue is nonetheless responsible for the safety of innocent spectators. We work to show that the ownership encouraged alcohol abuse, admitted an unsafe number of people, failed to hire enough security personnel or was otherwise negligent.

We have represented people with broken necks, head injuries, broken bones, facial injuries and other serious and lasting harm. We are prepared to go to a jury if necessary to hold stadium and arena owners accountable for full damages for the physical, financial and emotional aftermath.

Tampa Premises Liability Lawyers

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