Injured Workers Should Have Automatic Entitlement to Disability Payments

If you have been injured at work, your specific and undeniable rights under Florida’s workers’ compensation program are supposed to include an automatic entitlement to disability payments (payment for loss of wages) pursuant to F.S. 440.15. However, it rarely happens this way.

You can count on your company and their insurance carrier to work diligently to limit your benefits, refuse to compensate your lost wages or even to deny your claim outright. It is all about profits and keeping losses to a minimum. Carriers and employers frequently provide misinformation or wrongly state the law to injured workers to frustrate them or cause them to give up their rights under Chapter 440.

At the Feldman Legal Group, our workers compensation attorneys stand up and fight for the rights of injured workers. We strive to educate our clients about their rights and benefits, using our knowledge of the law and trial experience. If justice requires your case to be heard by the judge, we are prepared to fight all the way to the courthouse, and if necessary, to the appellate court. For a free initial assessment with one of our attorneys, call us today.

Fighting Against Irresponsible Employers and Their Insurance Carriers

While workers’ compensation is supposed to be a self-executing system, it rarely occurs that way. As soon as your doctor places restrictions on your ability to work, the benefits payments are supposed to begin. But the employer and their carrier will often play games to avoid paying, or they are simply too backed up to begin making timely payments. To make matters worse, once you are hurt, your employer is looking for ways to get rid of you to avoid making payments.

Get the Benefits You Deserve in Florida

Your employer cannot terminate you for filing a claim, taking disability leave, or pursuing such benefits. If you are struggling to get the benefits you are entitled to, we will fight for your rights in circuit court. Contact the Feldman Legal Group today for a free initial assessment with a lawyer. We maintain offices in Tampa and Atlanta.