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Accidents can occur in your workplace whether you’re a construction worker, nurse, teacher, or truck driver. Florida’s Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) requires employers to have active workers’ compensation insurance coverage to cushion them from the risk posed by workplace accidents. However, insurance firms often downplay injuries to frustrate the compensation process. Your employer may also retaliate to prevent you from enjoying these benefits. These tactics are wrong and illegal.

The good news is that engaging the services of an experienced East Lake, FL, workers’ compensation lawyer edges you closer to receiving your benefits. Feldman Legal Group has a team of lawyers with vast experience handling such cases.

Our East Lake workers’ comp attorneys at Feldman Legal Group stand ready to advocate for the benefits you need and deserve. You can rest assured that we will leverage all our resources to maximize your settlement. Contact us today at 877-946-8293 to schedule a consultation.

Understanding Workers’ Comp Law in Florida

How Does Our East Lake Workers’ Comp Lawyer Help?

Hiring an attorney is one of the most important decisions you make if you’ve been injured at work. Workplace injury cases are often complex and unpredictable. You are working against your employee and the insurance carrier. An experienced East Lake, FL, workers’ compensation attorney may be able to file a personal injury claim on your behalf.

Our goal at Feldman Legal Group is to assist you in navigating the process of recovering the financial benefits for the damage incurred. Your attorney reviews the case to ensure that no information is missing. The attorney also walks you through the process of appealing and providing sufficient evidence if the insurance firm denied your claim.

The workers’ compensation lawyers in East Lake understand aspects of employment law, including those benefits to which you are entitled as an employer. These include:

  • Immediate Coverage: You become eligible for workers’ compensation insurance as soon as you begin your job. Workers’ compensation is also known as temporary disability and is used to compensate for lost wages due to time off work after an accident. Workers’ comp cover helps you to afford medical care and receive compensation for disability, disfigurement, or any permanent injury sustained.
  • Benefits for Employees of Out-of-State Organizations: If you are an employee of an out-of-state employer and were injured on the job while in East Lake, FL, you are still entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Compensation and Negligence: Negligence plays a much lesser role in workers’ compensation claims in Florida. You can still collect your benefits even if your employer is not at fault. Even more interesting, in some cases, you may still be eligible for benefits if you were at fault for the injury.

Why Should You Work with Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in East Lake, FL?

While workers’ compensation laws are in place to protect employees across the state, the claim process is a rocky path that can see you giving up or settling for less than you deserve.

Your employer and the insurance carrier are fighting to avoid the negative financial impacts of paying for your compensation. The impact of claims on the bottom line can be so great that often these parties work together to minimize the benefits provided. The employer and insurance firm often collude to lure you into settling for less than your claim deserves, or to deny it altogether.

Many injured workers find themselves on the receiving end of deciding to pursue the case without a lawyer’s assistance. You become vulnerable to manipulation if you choose to go it alone. Your insurance carrier has faced several similar cases in the past, making the company devise ways of denying even deserved claims.

A workers’ compensation attorney in East Lake understands the law and is familiar with tactics insurance companies and employers use to minimize or keep you from receiving your claim. Our East Lake, FL, workers’ compensation attorney knows these unscrupulous practices and how to dodge the tricks and maximize your benefits.

Our East Lake, FL, workers’ compensation lawyers at Feldman Legal Group can help you manage this complex process. Call us today at 877-946-8293 to discuss your case.

Managing the Workers’ Comp Process in East Lake

What Claims Can I File?

You can file personal injury claims for many types of accidents in East Lake, Florida. Some common claims include injuries from falls, burns, cuts, or slips while working. You can also file claims for injuries from traffic accidents sustained when traveling as part of your job, injuries from repetitive motion (like typing or hammering), carpal tunnel, muscle injury, or illnesses from exposure to chemicals.

Workers’ comp does not cover some injuries, though. For example, tripping over your feet and hitting your head or doing something intentionally dangerous, resulting in an injury, cannot be compensated. However, this scenario doesn’t mean you can’t ever qualify for compensation if you caused the accident. Before filing a claim, please speak to us to learn more about the available options.

Some East Lake employers and insurance carriers may claim that your preexisting conditions render you ineligible for compensation.

This argument shouldn’t make you give up on pursuing a settlement. You would deserve compensation if the conditions at your workplace accelerated the manifestation of an underlying medical condition.

What Compensation Benefits Can Be Available For East Lake Workers?

How much can I expect to receive?” is a question regularly asked of our legal professionals. Because we understand that each case is based on a specific incident with unique factors, offering a generalization regarding settlements is not possible.

However, we can provide information about the benefits to which you may be entitled. These include:

  • Lost wages or salary (temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, impairment benefits)
  • Expenses related to rehabilitation
  • Costs associated with retraining or recertification after time off work
  • Compensation for wrongful death.

As your Clearwater area workers’ compensation attorney, we can offer a better settlement estimate once we have more information regarding your specific case.

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Allow our legal team of experienced East Lake workers’ comp lawyers to take your case. Our managing attorney Mitchell Feldman has 25 years of experience handling workers’ compensation cases. He works closely with other lawyers to get you the best possible terms.

We have a long and successful history of protecting employees in Florida. Besides, our years of experience have enabled us to know the judges, doctors, and lawyers in the workers’ compensation world and to understand their influence. We can leverage this knowledge when representing you, helping you to get the settlement you deserve.

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  • Should you waive your workers’ compensation benefits?
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