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Have you sustained an injury or a deformity while working in Oldsmar? If so, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation law is complex, and navigating through it to get what you deserve can be frustrating. Some employees and insurance companies will always stage a fight to minimize the benefits payout you get or even outright deny you the benefits. It’s therefore wise to leverage the expertise of an Oldsmar workers’ compensation attorney to help claim your full benefits.

These professionals can help you navigate the rugged terrain that comes with workers’ compensation claims resulting from an on-the-job injury. With a clear understanding of federal and Florida laws, the claims submission process, and the appeals process, the right experts can truly help. Allowing them to focus on the administrative side of your claim will enable you to focus your attention where it is most needed … on your recovery.

Our Oldsmar workers’ comp attorneys at Feldman Legal Group stand ready to advocate for the benefits you need and deserve. You can rest assured that we will leverage all our resources to maximize your settlement. Contact us today at 877-946-8293 to schedule a consultation.

Understanding Workers’ Comp Law in Florida

Our Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Oldsmar, FL, Explains

When you think of workers’ compensation, it all seems like a straightforward process where you simply get compensated for the injuries or illnesses related to your work. The principle is clear, but getting what you deserve isn’t always straightforward. Insurance companies and employers try to limit the payout on their end, which exposes you as the victim to a series of complex appeals. Most workers give up along the way as they don’t have the legal know-how to respond and navigate through these entanglements, so they end up giving up. They lose out on the benefits they are entitled to and which they desperately need.

And that shouldn’t be the case. Our Oldsmar, FL, workers’ compensation lawyers are very familiar with all aspects of employment law, including your entitled benefits, such as:

  • Immediate Coverage: As an employee in Florida, you’re eligible for workers’ compensation from the moment you start working. Workers’ compensation, also known as temporary disability, compensates for the wages you lose when you can’t work due to an injury or sickness affiliated with your place of work. Also, if you work in the Clearwater area, you are entitled to free medical care and adequate compensation for disfigurement, disability, or any permanent injury you may sustain at work.
  • Benefits for Employees of Out-of-State Organizations: If you are an employee of an out-of-state employer and were injured on the job while in Oldsmar, you are still entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Compensation and Negligence: If someone other than your employer was at fault for your injuries, you might still receive workers’ compensation benefits. Negligence plays a much lesser role in workers’ compensation claims in Florida. In some cases, you may also receive compensation even if you were to blame for your injuries.

Why You Should Work with Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Oldsmar

While workers’ compensation laws are in place to protect employees across the state, the claim process is not always a smooth one. In fact, it can be downright contentious. Paying these claims has a negative financial impact on both your employer and the insurance carrier. This is because the insurance company will be required to pay out, and the employer will likely have to pay increased premiums.

Convincing you to settle for less money or outright denying your claim is in their best interests. Workers’ compensation insurance companies will try to disprove your claim at every turn.

The impact of claims on the bottom line can be so significant that often these parties work together to minimize the benefits provided. Many injured workers find themselves in a position where their benefits are reduced or terminated once their insurance-approved physician indicates they have achieved maximum medical improvement. When companies are found to owe compensation to workers, premiums for insurance coverage from that point on can increase. Reducing those benefits is in the employer’s best interest, who must pay higher premiums, and the insurance company that has to pay out the settlement.

When you work with a well-regarded workers’ compensation attorney in Oldsmar, you engage individuals who understand the law and are familiar with tactics that insurance companies and employers take to minimize claims. They know how to address these unscrupulous practices and maximize your benefits. Having someone in your corner is essential; with their support, you can not only get better benefits, but you will also actually have someone on your side.

How Will an Oldsmar Workers’ Comp Lawyer Help?

Our workers’ compensation attorney in Oldsmar, Florida, understands what it takes to build a solid workers’ compensation case. Through their working experience and expertise in guarding the rights of employees, they’ll help you in the following ways:

Gather medical and vocational evidence to support your claim

Unconvincing medical evidence is one of the main reasons why workers’ compensation appeals are denied and dismissed. Even if your claim is accepted, you are more likely to receive the full benefits of your claim and any other additions you deserve if you have enough evidence to support a solid claim. Our workers’ compensation lawyer in Oldsmar will assemble all the necessary pieces of evidence, including:

  • Gathering all the necessary medical records
  • Spearheading medical experts’ depositions
  • Representing you when you appear for a deposition
  • Seeking professional opinions and recommendations from your doctors
  • Soliciting testimonies from friends, vocational experts, or family that would help strengthen your claim.

Our workers’ compensation lawyers in Oldsmar analyze your case to determine the best evidence to gather to push for a maximum payout of your benefits

Come up with the most appropriate compensation details for your case

Our Oldsmar workers’ comp lawyer will develop a proper compensation detail for you depending on the injuries you sustained and the limitations you are put under in terms of what you can and cannot do. They will also pay attention to work-related medical expenses you have incurred and those that you are likely to incur in the future. The Oldsmar, FL, workers’ compensation lawyer will also consider any disability or temporary impairments you may have developed and your previous wages.

All these considerations will be critical in negotiations with your insurer to reject any low-ball offers they attempt to get you to agree to.

Represent you before a workers’ compensation judge

If the negotiations don’t yield a satisfactory result, our Oldsmar, FL workers’ compensation lawyer will proceed to represent you in court to try and get you what you deserve. They will walk you through the proceedings and give a well-informed presentation of why you need to be compensated.

Guide you in claiming any third-party benefits

If there’s someone other than your employer whose negligence may have led to your injury Oldsmar, FL, workers’ compensation attorney will advise you accordingly and leave no stone unturned. For instance, if the equipment that led to your injury was faulty, the lawyer will dig into it and get the responsible parties to compensate you for the damage it caused.

Our Oldsmar workers’ compensation lawyers at Feldman Legal Group can help you manage this complex process. Call us today at 877-946-8293 to discuss your case.

Managing the Workers’ Comp Process in Oldsmar

Understanding Claims

Many accidents and conditions can lead to a workers’ compensation claim in Florida. Injuries sustained from cuts, burns, or falls while working can be the basis of a claim, but so can illnesses due to constant exposure to chemicals while working; and injuries from a repetitive motion like hammering are also eligible for compensation. Also, if you are involved in a road accident while traveling as part of the job and are injured, you can claim workers’ compensation benefits from your employer.

However, not every injury sustained at work is eligible for workers’ compensation. For example, if you were injured while intentionally doing something foolhardy or dangerous, or if you tripped on your own feet and broke an arm, you may not receive workers’ compensation.

That doesn’t mean you can’t ever receive compensation if you’re responsible for the injury at work. It’s best to seek advice from a workers’ compensation attorney before you file a claim for some guidance on its viability.

Some Oldsmar employers and their insurance carriers may claim that your preexisting conditions render you ineligible for compensation.  

This may not be true. If an accident at work is the major contributing cause and results in your needing medical treatment, your care should be covered.

Available Compensation for Injuries to Oldsmar Workers

“How much can I expect to receive?” is a question regularly asked of our legal professionals. Because we understand that each case is based on a specific incident, with unique factors, offering a generalization regarding settlements is not possible.

However, we can provide information about the benefits to which you may be entitled. These include:

  • Lost wages or salary
  • Expenses related to rehabilitation
  • Costs associated with retraining or recertification after time off work
  • Compensation for permanent disability
  • Recovery for dependents if a worker dies.

As your Oldsmar workers’ compensation attorney, we can offer a better settlement estimate once we have more information regarding your specific case.

Get the Best Possible Representation in Your Oldsmar Workers’ Compensation Case

Leverage Our Experience

Our team is composed of highly experienced lawyers who have represented multiple clients in Oldsmar and throughout the state of Florida. Our managing attorney, Mitchell Feldman, has over 25 years of experience handling workers’ compensation cases. He and his team are well aware of insurance companies’ tactics and tricks to limit an employee’s compensation payout.

We are an integral part of the Oldsmar business community and have built a strong reputation through our success in safeguarding the interests of the region’s employees. As a result of the decades of constant interaction and experience, we are familiar with other lawyers in the workers’ compensation sphere, doctors, and judges, and we are aware of their impact. We can consolidate this understanding when representing you to ensure you get the best deal out of the claim.

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When Should You Reach Out To a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Sometimes, it may seem like your workers’ compensation is low-value, simple, and straightforward and therefore needs no legal representation, but sometimes there’s much more than you are able to see.

Contact Our Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Oldsmar Today

If you have been injured on the job or fallen ill as a result of the work you do, you likely have a host of questions, including:

  • What should you do after you are injured?
  • Does your injury qualify for workers’ compensation in Oldsmar?
  • When should you file your claim?
  • Should you waive your workers’ compensation benefits?
  • Should you appeal your settlement offer?
  • What should you do if you don’t have much medical documentation to support your claim?
  • How to respond if your employer denies or disputes your claim?

Contact the skilled, knowledgeable, and reputable Oldsmar workers’ compensation attorneys at Feldman Legal Group for the answer to these and other questions. Our team has a reputation for actively listening to our client’s concerns, providing complete answers to their inquiries, and successfully representing their interests.

We understand the complex laws in effect and know what to expect from Oldsmar employers and their insurance carriers. Our team is committed to protecting your rights.

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