Accenture (fka N3 Results)

Did you work in an inside sales-related position for N3 Results (also called N3 LLC and now owned by Accenture) in the past several years? If you held this type of position, you may be eligible to join this collective action case to recover overtime pay.

This lawsuit will attempt to recover overtime wages owed to those working as inside sales reps (ISRs) for N3 in the past several years. This practice represents an alleged FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) wage violation.

N3 Results failed to pay overtime wages to salespeople with job titles including Business Development Representative, Sales Opportunity Manager, Account Manager, Account Executive, and more. As part of the lawsuit, inside sales representatives (ISRs) deserve time and a half of the regular rate of pay for all hours worked beyond 40 hours in a week, including calculation of commission and bonuses, plus payment of all attorney’s fees and costs related to the lawsuit.

CASE: Kendon Austin v. N3 LLC d/b/a N3 RESULTS; and ACCENTURE LLP, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) OVERTIME WAGE Collective Action Lawsuit for the class of hourly salespeople.

The lawsuit alleges that N3 Results failed to pay required overtime wages to inside salespeople with titles including Business Development Representative, Business Development Manager, PDM, Opportunity Manager, Account Manager, Account Development Representative, Sales Consultant, Pipeline Manager, Tele Territory Channel Manager, Solutions Consultant, Inside Opportunity Manager, Account Executive, Account Development Representative, SDR, and others over the past several years.

Common Unfair Practices

At Feldman Legal Group, we have represented inside sales employees at companies including Fleetcor, Fleetmatics, Sage Software, Partsbase, Discrete Wireless d/b/a NEXTRAQ, Granite Telecom, and others in similar FLSA collective actions.

Companies in the inside sales industry are well-known for stealing wages from employees who deserve them. These companies often cheat their inside sales representatives out of the overtime wages they earn, violating the Fair Labor Standards Act and other state wages laws.

These laws state that people working as inside sales representatives must receive a premium in payment for all hours they work beyond the standard 40-hour week. Some of the ways companies scheme to avoid paying overtime to ISRs include misleading the employees, discouraging reporting of overtime, and misclassifying the ISRs as exempt from overtime.

N3’s Violations of the FLSA

Contact us if you have experienced any unfair overtime pay calculation as an N3 inside sales rep, including any of the following scenarios:

Not receiving pay for time worked beyond 40 hours in a week
Working through meal breaks without being paid for the time with no means to report the time you worked
Working during times when you were not on the clock for any reason
Working while at home without receiving pay for the time, including answering calls and emails or entering CRM data
Receiving reduced overtime pay that did not include the value of any commissions or bonuses
Being paid a salary instead of being paid for overtime hours.
We want to hear about your work experience as an inside sales rep for N3 Results.

Our Investigation for This Case

As we investigate the alleged FLSA wage violations against N3 Results, we want to speak with as many ISRs as possible. We are seeking to verify the facts about the company’s illegal pay practices regarding overtime pay.

We will use this information to determine whether the unfair pay practices are long standing and pervasive at N3. To learn more about this case, click here.
If you have information regarding the scheme at N3 Results to deny paying overtime to deserving sales representatives over the past several years, the attorneys at Feldman Legal Group want to speak with you about your experiences.

If you believe N3 did not pay you overtime wages that you deserved, please contact our employment lawyers. We will set up a time to speak with you about your work experience that is convenient for you.