Powerful pharmaceuticals that have tremendous health benefits also carry many dangerous side effects. In pursuit of profit, some drug companies bury the evidence, downplay the risks or put medications on the market after limited testing. For the people who do experience a bad reaction, the impact can be permanent damage or death.

The experienced injury attorneys of Feldman Legal Group are not afraid to take on manufacturers of dangerous drugs and defective medical devices. We have represented clients throughout Florida and nationwide in lawsuits for strict liability or failure to warn.

If your loved one suffered serious injury or died because of a prescription drug, over-the-counter medication, an implanted medical device or other medical product, contact us for a free assessment wit ha Tampa drug injury lawyer.


We have handled class actions and individual lawsuits for a wide range of defective drugs. The following are examples of current and past cases, as well as cases we are seeking to represent:

  • The manufacturers of ESA drugs known to cause blood clots leading to death
  • The manufacturer of Actos, a drug used to improve the control of blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes, is associated with risk of bladder cancer
  • The makers of amiodarone, a treatment for heart arrhythmia that has been linked to lung disease, liver damage and other major side effects

These are just a few examples. We have pursued damages for clients injured by an array of medications, including numerous drugs recalled in recent years after FDA black box warnings.

We also take cases involving defective medical devices: failure of or infection from pacemakers, artificial hips, hernia repair kits and other implants or surgical products, as well as poorly designed wheelchairs, lifts and medical aids that led to lasting injury.

Product liability lawsuits are expensive, highly technical and hard-fought. Trial lawyer Mitchell L. Feldman brings a strong background in medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability and insurance defense, and our firm has the resources to hire the necessary experts to take these cases to trial or force a fair settlement.

Call us at 877-946-8293 for a free case evaluation with our Tampa drug injury lawyers, or use our online form. With offices in the Tampa Bay area and in Atlanta, Georgia, we are able to represent clients anywhere in Florida. We also make home and hospital visits statewide for people too ill to travel.