Factory worker who wonders can you get workers compensation for repetitive motion injuries?
Repetitive stress injuries (RSI) are one of the most common workers’ compensation claims, costing insurance carriers a great deal of money each year. Also known as repetitive trauma, repetitive motion, or overuse injuries, these conditions tend to result in long absences from work, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. RSIs are common in many U.S. industries and occupations. Healthcare workers, firefighters, construction workers and delivery workers are frequent victims, as are employees who are
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Can You Be Fired for No Reason in Florida?
It’s one of those life-changing phrases that no one wants to hear: “You’re fired,” or “We’re letting you go.” Usually, you know why you’re being terminated, but sometimes there seems to be no legitimate cause. In that case, it’s reasonable to wonder…wait a minute, is this legal? Many newly unemployed workers call our law firm to ask: “Can you be fired for no reason in Florida?”  The answer to this question is yes – and
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I was wrongfully fired. What can I do? Sitting across from a boss who is firing a worker.
If you believe you were fired for illegal reasons, there are steps you can take to right the wrong and obtain compensation from your former employer. First, you need to understand that in many states, including Florida and Georgia, employers canfire workers “at will,” meaning they don’t have to have a specific reason for letting you go. However, state and federal laws do offer protection to employees under certain specific circumstances. I Was Wrongfully Fired!
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A worker on a laptop wonders what are my rights to privacy at work
When you apply for a new job, you likely take some time to shore up your online presence. This might mean making your social media profiles more private or even deleting photos or posts that you wouldn’t want a prospective employer to see. For better or for worse, this is the world we live in; the digital age makes it possible for employers and prospective employers to find out a lot more about you than
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A Georgia courthouse in the state where a jury verdict awarded a woman $1 billion in a case against a security guard's employer.
A recent courtroom verdict for a sexual assault civil case includes a damage award that has been called the highest in U.S. history. On May 22 in Jonesboro, Georgia, Hope Cheston was awarded $1 billion in compensation for a rape she suffered in 2012. At the age of 14, according to the New York Times, Ms. Cheston was assaulted by an armed security guard at an apartment complex she was visiting to attend a friend’s
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Meal breaks and employment law apply to this workers lunch sitting in front of their laptop on the table.
Throughout the United States, employers carry an obligation to provide fair and just working standards and environments for their employees. Individual states have the power to regulate employer meal-break mandates, so these laws can vary greatly from one state to the next. Unfortunately, many workers aren’t aware of their state’s meal-break laws; as a result, they may unknowingly experience unfair and even illegal treatment on the job when meal breaks are denied (or unpaid when
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Chipotle Manager Awarded $8 Million in Wrongful Termination Suit
The former manager of a Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant recently achieved a significant victory in a wrongful termination lawsuit. On May 10, 2018, a California jury awarded Ms. Jeanette Ortiz $7.97 million to compensate her for the loss of her job in 2015. The verdict included $6 million for emotional distress and $1.97 million for lost wages. Business Insider reported that Ms. Ortiz was earning $70,000 per year as the general manager of a Fresno,
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Which employment laws apply to remote workers like this woman working in a coffee shop?
Around 43 percent of U.S. employees work remotely at least some of the time—and that number is only expected to continue increasing, especially as the demand for freelancers and remote workers rises nationwide. While being able to work from home, or a coffee shop, or a hotel in another country certainly has its perks (like saving time on that morning commute and, of course, not having to don that office attire), remote workers should be
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Your Employer May Not Know They Are Violating Employment Law 
Employment law violations are far too common. In many cases, employers are aware that they are violating the law and they are simply trying to get away with it for their own benefit. However, in other cases, these violations are completely unintentional. Such violations are still a serious matter that require legal action. Employment Law Basics The purpose of employment law is to protect employees and ensure that they are treated fairly. Some of the
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Man in office looks out window and wonders, when do you need an employment lawyer.
You’re unexpectedly fired from your job. You raised concerns about certain practices at your workplace and saw a steep decline in the number of hours you work. You’re habitually mistreated by your employer or coworkers, and no matter how many times you bring it up to management, the harassment continues. It’s hard enough these days to pay the bills and raise a family under normal conditions. But when conditions in the workplace veer from normal,
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