This image of Florida represents the question of how workers’ compensation works in Florida.
Like other U.S. states, Florida provides protection for employees through workers’ compensation insurance. You may nonetheless want to know how workers’ compensation works in Florida. If you are injured (or ill) due to a job-related condition or circumstance, you are entitled to no-cost medical treatment, partial wage replacement, and, in extreme cases, permanent benefits. Under workers’ compensation law, you are not normally considered responsible or “at fault” for your injury, so adjusters do not generally
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An employee can use this calculator to figure out how do you calculate workers comp wages
Are you a Florida employee who has been injured at work? If you are eligible for workers’ compensation wage benefits, you may be wondering how much you can count on receiving. So, how do you calculate workers’ comp wages? There are specific formulas to use to calculate your disability wage benefits. The right calculation depends upon whether you are partially or totally sidelined from work and whether your injury is temporary or permanent. Steps to
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Learn how many times can you appeal a workers’ comp case is a concern people have when the see a denied letter.
If you were injured on the job and filed a claim, you may wonder how many times can you appeal a workers’ comp case. Workers’ compensation is a fundamental right for most U.S. employees, and if your injury claim is denied, there is ample opportunity to challenge the decision.  So, how many times can you appeal a decision? There are several potential layers to the appeals process. An official appeal in Florida begins with the
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An injured worker asking himself, "Do I need a lawyer for workers' comp?"
If you suffer a Florida workplace injury (or work-related illness) and all goes as it should, workers’ compensation insurance will provide quality, no-cost medical care and partial replacement of lost wages. But…many potential roadblocks can prevent your collection of full workers’ comp benefits, especially if you are seriously or permanently injured. If it looks like you are not being treated appropriately under the law, you may wonder, “Do I need a lawyer for workers’ comp?”
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This salesperson is about to make a call, but may need to know how the FLSA helps inside sales reps
Most people performing sales and order-taking duties are compensated with commission in addition to base wages. For this reason, federal and state labor laws treat salespersons differently from many other types of employees. If you are an inside sales representative in Florida, it is important to understand Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) laws that may affect your job and rate of pay. Inside sales means you work at a place of business (or your home
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Were you given termination without cause? You may feel like this dejected man who sits at his laptop, leaning his head on one hand.
If you think you were given termination without cause, it’s important to understand your rights. If you are like most people, your work has a place of prime importance in your life. In addition to providing a source of income, employment can contribute to self-esteem, status, even your social life. When you are unexpectedly fired from your job, it can be a significant blow, especially if the reason is unclear or suspect. Dismissal from your
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Woman working at her laptop wonders when can you sue for workplace harassment.
Harassment at work can make life difficult, to say the least. If a supervisor, coworker, or even an outside vendor is making inappropriate comments or attempting to sabotage your work, it may be time to consider taking action. When can you sue for workplace harassment? If you are currently experiencing harassment based on your gender (i.e., sexual harassment), your race, or other personal characteristics protected by law, you can potentially pursue an employment lawsuit today.
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Contractor vs. Employee. Two workers site side by side and one may be a contractor, but in name only.
It is increasingly common for business owners to meet workflow needs with the help of independent contractors. Since employers avoid paying benefits and taxes for independent contractors, these workers can be beneficial to the company’s bottom line. For this reason, as many as 30% of employers purposely misclassify workers as contractors. If this is true for you, you are treated as an employee without receiving the valuable benefits that should accompany employee status. About Employer
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Do I Have an Amazon Workers’ Compensation Case?
The Amazon corporation has recently been called out for work safety concerns and employment law violations. As reported by The Guardian, numerous  Amazon warehouse employees have suffered serious injuries at work and then received shocking, cold-shoulder treatment instead of appropriate care.  Ailing employees have been denied workers’ compensation benefits, and some have experienced retaliation after reporting injuries. Amazon Workers’ Compensation Case in Tampa The Guardian investigation found workers injured by faulty equipment as well as
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Talcum Powder Case Yields $4.69B Verdict
A mega-dollar punitive damages verdict was recently awarded in a mass tort targeting Johnson & Johnson (J & J), the iconic corporation that markets “baby powder” and, until 2012, Shower to Shower talcum powder. A St. Louis jury deliberated for eight hours before handing down $4.69 billion to 22 women who say they used J & J’s powder for feminine hygiene and suffered ovarian cancer as a result. Six of the plaintiffs were deceased and
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