All of us, especially our aging loved ones, require the expertise of skilled doctors, nurses, specialists, and other medical professionals to keep us alive. After many years of intensive training, the vast majority of them are dedicated to meticulously living up to the Hippocratic Oath of “do no harm.” Unfortunately, just like with all professions, those we entrust with our medical care make serious, sometimes fatal, mistakes. Any egregious mistakes may rise to the level
Companies are willfully violating the FLSA by misclassifying hurricane cleanup workers as independent contractors and salaried exempt employees.  What you need to know is that most if not all HURRICANE CLEANUP WORKERS or STORM RECOVERY WORKERS are employees under the law and required to be paid time overtime wages, or a premium for all hours worked over 40 in each and every workweek.  If you are not being paid a premium for all overtime hours
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Feldman Legal Group files new class and collective action for inside sales reps of Partsbase inc and Govgistics inc. for recovery minimum wages and overtime wages and other damages: Shawn Martin v. Partsbase inc. and Govistics inc., United States District Court, southern district of Florida, case no: case 9:20-cv-80235-dmm, 02/18/2020 filed. Martin v. Partsbase, inc Case number: 9:20-cv-80235-dmm See the lawsuit here: partsbase-class-and-collective-action-complaint-martin-1.pdf
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Giving birth to a child is one of life’s most precious and sacred moments. With all the physical and emotional tolls that come with childbirth, you and your partner are understandably anxious to finally be able to bring a new life into this world. Unfortunately, there are many ways that things can go wrong during the birth of a child. Sometimes, through all the work done by your medical team, there is no way to
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Case: Hernandez v. Crespo, 171 So. 3d 116 (Fla. 2015) In an important medical malpractice case, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that arbitration agreements cannot do the following: Change the costs the medical providers (defendants) must pay Limit the amount of money the plaintiff can recover Limit the fairness incentives of the Medical Malpractice Act. What Is the Medical Malpractice Act? The Medical Malpractice Act (“MMA”), includes a statutory arbitration procedure covering potential medical malpractice
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The unfortunate truth about many emergency rooms and even private doctor’s practices is that there is often a large volume of patients to examine, diagnose, and treat – leaving inadequate time that doctors have with each patient. The vast majority of doctors and other medical professionals perform due diligence on each case, testing for any medical problems they reasonably suspect a patient of having.  Occasionally, though, due to overcrowding and other reasons, doctors commit a
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The medical advances made in the past 30, 20, and even 10 years are astounding. A notable example is the availability of artificial implants that perform the functions of organic body parts. Unfortunately, complications often arise from this complicated medical undertaking. A startling fact about artificial limbs is that 25 percent of the time, some infection occurs due to implantation of the artificial limb. Medical professionals go through many years of education and training to
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Even if you logically know what to do after a car accident, it can be difficult to remember the most important steps in the moments after a crash. Adrenaline takes over and the urge to act on emotion is overwhelming. Review these steps occasionally so that you’re ready if an accident occurs. Call Emergency Services Call 911 immediately. Even if you aren’t sure about the severity of the accident, it is crucial to start a
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After you’ve been hurt by another’s actions, you may wonder what your options are—for many, a personal injury case is the most viable option. Personal injury cases allow you to ask for several types of damages, depending on the type of injuries you’ve suffered and their severity. Many people underestimate the costs associated with a serious injury; a personal injury attorney can help you evaluate your damages and hold the other party accountable. Your lawyer
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One option for companies utilizing workers’ compensation insurance is the use of managed care arrangements. These arrangements are touted as beneficial to companies and employees alike, but there are pros and cons to MCAs. In this blog, we highlight these benefits and drawbacks. An Introduction to Managed Care Arrangements Managed care arrangements (MCAs) strive to provide quick, high-quality care to employees to get them back to work as quickly as possible. Companies utilizing MCAs have
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