Contractor vs. Employee. Two workers site side by side and one may be a contractor, but in name only.
It is increasingly common for business owners to meet workflow needs with the help of independent contractors. Since employers avoid paying benefits and taxes for independent contractors, these workers can be beneficial to the company’s bottom line. For this reason, as many as 30% of employers purposely misclassify workers as contractors. If this is true for you, you are treated as an employee without receiving the valuable benefits that should accompany employee status. About Employer
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Do I Have an Amazon Workers’ Compensation Case?
The Amazon corporation has recently been called out for work safety concerns and employment law violations. As reported by The Guardian, numerous  Amazon warehouse employees have suffered serious injuries at work and then received shocking, cold-shoulder treatment instead of appropriate care.  Ailing employees have been denied workers’ compensation benefits, and some have experienced retaliation after reporting injuries. Amazon Workers’ Compensation Case in Tampa The Guardian investigation found workers injured by faulty equipment as well as
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Talcum Powder Case Yields $4.69B Verdict
A mega-dollar punitive damages verdict was recently awarded in a mass tort targeting Johnson & Johnson (J & J), the iconic corporation that markets “baby powder” and, until 2012, Shower to Shower talcum powder. A St. Louis jury deliberated for eight hours before handing down $4.69 billion to 22 women who say they used J & J’s powder for feminine hygiene and suffered ovarian cancer as a result. Six of the plaintiffs were deceased and
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An employee in a meeting wonders if Florida non-compete clauses are enforceable.
It is common for Florida employers to include a non-compete clause in their employment contract, or to ask new employees to sign a non-compete agreement. When you sign this type of document, you agree to restrict professional pursuits that might compete with the employer’s business interests, now and into the future. Why Do Employers Use Non-Competes? Non-compete agreements are meant to protect business owners from employees who might exploit their confidential information, trade secrets, client
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An employee who experiences a hostile work environment in Florida can't concentrate.
Blatant discrimination and harassment at work is all too common, affecting people from all walks of life. This includes those who find themselves in a hostile work environment in Florida jobs. According to a CNBC report in 2017, as many as one in five U.S. workers report suffering from a hostile or threatening workplace. Daily insults, threats, or obvious unfair treatment can make life pretty tough to bear. A hostile work environment naturally creates high
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How long does it take to get paid by workers comp? A man looks at his watch while waiting.
After suffering an injury at work, it is only natural to be anxious about finances and wondering how long it takes to get paid by workers’ comp. If you are seriously injured, you may be off duty for a while; even worse, it’s possible you could be permanently disabled. You know the Florida workers’ compensation system provides coverage for temporary or permanent disability, but how long does it take to recover your benefits? Workers’ comp
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Factory worker who wonders can you get workers compensation for repetitive motion injuries?
Repetitive stress injuries (RSI) are one of the most common workers’ compensation claims, costing insurance carriers a great deal of money each year. Also known as repetitive trauma, repetitive motion, or overuse injuries, these conditions tend to result in long absences from work, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. RSIs are common in many U.S. industries and occupations. Healthcare workers, firefighters, construction workers and delivery workers are frequent victims, as are employees who are
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Can You Be Fired for No Reason in Florida?
It’s one of those life-changing phrases that no one wants to hear: “You’re fired,” or “We’re letting you go.” Usually, you know why you’re being terminated, but sometimes there seems to be no legitimate cause. In that case, it’s reasonable to wonder…wait a minute, is this legal? Many newly unemployed workers call our law firm to ask: “Can you be fired for no reason in Florida?”  The answer to this question is yes – and
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I was wrongfully fired. What can I do? Sitting across from a boss who is firing a worker.
If you believe you were fired for illegal reasons, there are steps you can take to right the wrong and obtain compensation from your former employer. First, you need to understand that in many states, including Florida and Georgia, employers canfire workers “at will,” meaning they don’t have to have a specific reason for letting you go. However, state and federal laws do offer protection to employees under certain specific circumstances. I Was Wrongfully Fired!
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A worker on a laptop wonders what are my rights to privacy at work
When you apply for a new job, you likely take some time to shore up your online presence. This might mean making your social media profiles more private or even deleting photos or posts that you wouldn’t want a prospective employer to see. For better or for worse, this is the world we live in; the digital age makes it possible for employers and prospective employers to find out a lot more about you than
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