One option for companies utilizing workers’ compensation insurance is the use of managed care arrangements. These arrangements are touted as beneficial to companies and employees alike, but there are pros and cons to MCAs. In this blog, we highlight these benefits and drawbacks. An Introduction to Managed Care Arrangements  Managed care arrangements (MCAs) strive to provide quick, high-quality care to employees to get them back to work as quickly as possible. Companies utilizing MCAs have
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Florida Trucking Crash
Accidents with commercial trucks can be physically and financially devastating. They often lead to serious injuries or fatalities and significant property damage. The risk is even greater if the semi-truck is carrying dangerous chemicals or materials. If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck accident, your attorney might try to recover damages from one of these responsible parties. Truck Driver In many cases, the obvious responsible party is the truck driver.
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This worker may wonder, can I sue for chemical exposure at work?
If you’ve been injured because of chemical exposure in the workplace, you’re likely to be wondering, “Can I sue for chemical exposure at work?” The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that you can, but you may not have to. Can I Sue for Chemical Exposure at Work? Chemical exposure at work can give you a case of personal injury, but it could also be valid as a workers’ compensation claim. Either way,
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If this worker has dual employers he may be impacted by the Department of Labor changing rules on joint employment
On April 1, 2019, the Department of Labor made an announcement that it will be making a notice of proposed rulemaking concerning joint employment. Most of the new rules on joint employment will cover what rights and responsibilities joint employers will have, as opposed to those of other employers. If this all sounds horribly confusing, don’t worry. We’ll explain what joint employment is in just a minute. For now, all you really need to know
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Are there scenarios when you should waive your workers’ comp claim rights?
Workplace injuries are an unfortunately common experience, especially in industries where employees have to work with dangerous equipment, perform repetitive motions or tasks, or work in potentially dangerous settings. In many cases of an employee injury, workers’ compensation is the obvious choice. It does not require the employee to prove fault and an employee’s own negligence does not diminish their ability to get compensation. There are some situations, however, solely when you are in a
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An Amazon work related injury could happen to these warehouse workers.
If you have suffered an Amazon work-related injury, it’s important for you to know the processes that help you get your workers’ compensation payout. Workers’ compensation is meant to compensate injured people for the medical costs, lost wages, and other losses involved in suffering an injury while on the job. In the state of Florida, every business with four or more full/part-time employees is required to have workers’ compensation insurance. The good news is that,
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How to preserve your claim in a slip-and-fall accident.
If you have hurt yourself because of a fall on someone else’s property, there is a good chance that you have a legal claim. However, you need to take specific actions to ensure that your case can move forward. If you don’t take these steps, you can make getting money damages a lot harder. Use the following information as your checklist if you have been injured in a slip and fall accident. 1. Get medical
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What to Do About an Eye Injury at Work
If you have experienced an eye injury at work, you’re probably wondering about your rights at this point. A work-related eye injury can lead to serious problems, especially for individuals who develop severe vision problems as a result of the injury. Even if there is no long-term damage, an eye injury can lead to lost work time, medical bills, and problems with pain and suffering. Fortunately, workers’ compensation can help you or your loved one
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This person with a severe neck injury sustained at work may want to know about the steps to preserve a workers' comp claim.
If you are injured at work, it can be a very stressful experience. You will obviously be concerned about your health and well-being, but you will also be concerned about your employment. In most cases when you are seriously injured at work, you will be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. In order to preserve your claim, however, you need to make sure you handle the situation properly from beginning to end. The following are some
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5 common medical errors that lead to malpractice suit may be happening in this image of a surgical team operating on a patient.
If you go to the doctor’s office or hospital, you are putting yourself in the hands of some of the most highly trained and educated people in the world. In the vast majority of visits, patients are helped and lives are even saved. Sometimes, when the doctors are unable to provide aid, it is simply a limitation of medical knowledge and technology. There are many situations, however, when the medical professionals actually cause further problems
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