Managed Labor Solutions

Have you worked overtime for Managed Labor Solutions (MLS) in the past three years? Did MLS somehow alter, edit or remove hours from your time sheet? You may be eligible to join this collective action case.
This lawsuit seeks to recover overtime wages for all present and former drivers, transporters, cleaners, vehicle service attendants (VSA’s) for all hours worked over 40 in each and every workweek in the past 3 years at rates of time and one half the employee’s regular rates of pay. The lawsuit also seeks to recover double the sum of the wages owed to all persons as liquidated damages, plus payment of all attorney’s fees and costs and expenses.

CASE: Shawn Poliner, v. MANAGED LABOR SOLUTIONS LLC (MLS), Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) OVERTIME WAGE Collective Action Lawsuit for class of all hourly employees including drivers, transporters, VSA’s, Cleaners working for MLS pending in the US District Court Middle District of Florida.
The lawsuit alleges a plan and scheme by Managed Labor Solutions (MLS) to evade and avoid paying required overtime wages to all hard-working laborers including drivers, transporters, cleaners, VSA’s working for the company in the preceding 3 years to the present.

Changed Timesheets
The lawsuit alleges that MLS maintained a willful unlawful practice of editing, altering and removing hours worked from time sheets filled in by employees, and in purposefully shaving overtime hours from the pay of Poliner and all other similarly situated workers.

Working Through Lunch
The lawsuit also alleges that employees routinely worked during the 30 minute provided lunch break, but that MLS unlawfully and willfully automatically deducted 30 minutes or more from each day regardless of whether the employee had to work through the meal break, causing loss of pay, specifically overtime wages due and owing. The FLSA requires any deductible break to be at least 20 minutes of uninterrupted time, totally free of work activities.

A Pattern at MLS
Poliner alleges that he examined time sheets and compared them to paystubs and paychecks and noted routine discrepancies resulting in him getting paid less than the hours on the time sheets, including and especially when it came to overtime hours, and facts which were corroborated by a human resources employee. Furthermore, Managed Labor Solutions has a history of this same unlawful conduct, having been sued in the past over similar unlawful pay practices and FLSA violations, and to which MLS settled with the plaintiff and paid him back wages.

Our Investigation for this Case
As part of our continuing investigation into the alleged FLSA wage violations by Managed Labor Solutions and in an effort to gather evidence in support of our position and corroborate facts about its pay practices, we are in need of speaking to as many present and former drivers, transporters, VSA’s, cleaner and all other hourly paid employees. We seek to determine if the positions and job duties/requirements are similar for all the various job titles used, as well to investigate and determine if the alleged unlawful pay practice at issue here is pervasive and long standing at MLS and for all hourly paid positions.

Are you someone who has valuable information as a witness to the alleged unlawful pay practices? If so, contact an attorney at Feldman Legal Group.

**The FLSA also makes it unlawful to retaliate or discriminate against any person or employee who makes a claim for overtime wages, including participating in any class or collective action to recover overtime wages.