Strada Services

Did you work as an employee for Strada Services (also called Strada Electric and Security) at any time during the past several years? If you held a laborer position at Strada, you may be eligible to join this collective action case to recover overtime pay the company owes you.

This lawsuit attempts to recover overtime wages owed to those working as rate workers and laborers for Strada in the past several years. This practice represents an alleged wage violation of the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act).

We allege Strada Services failed to pay overtime wages to those with job titles including installers, helpers, laborers, technicians, rough and trim installers, electricians, right and trim electricians, and more. Any persons working on a piece rate basis also may join the lawsuit.

These laborers deserved to receive overtime compensation, which includes time and a half of the regular rate of pay for all hours worked beyond 40 hours in a week, but that the company failed to pay. We believe these employees deserve to recover damages, including payment of these lost overtime wages, as well as all attorney’s fees and costs related to the lawsuit, prejudgment interest, and liquidated damages.


Richard Reyes v. Strada Services Inc., d/b/a Strada Electric and Security, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Overtime Wage Collective Action Lawsuit for the class of piece rate employees.

Kirk Thomer, individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated v. Strada Services Inc., Strada Services LLC d/b/a Strada Electric and Security, and Joseph Strada, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Overtime Wage Collective Action Lawsuit for the class of piece rate employees.

Our lawsuit alleges that Strada failed to pay required overtime wages to employees and laborers over at least the past three years.

Strada forced these employees to work on a piece rate, meaning they received a flat fee per job, regardless of how long it took. Strada failed to pay overtime to these employees, who required no particular educational level or labor certification, improperly claiming an FLSA exemption.

Strada supervisors routinely altered time cards or forced employees to complete inaccurate time cards that specified a 40-hour work week, even when the employees actually worked longer.

Common Unfair Practices

At Feldman Legal Group, we have represented employees at companies including Select Rehab, Fleetcor Technologies, Verizon Connect, Total Insurance Brokers, Strada Services, Fleetmatics, N3 Results, Managed Labor Solutions, Sage Software, Partsbase, Discrete Wireless d/b/a Nextraq, Granite Telecom, and others in similar FLSA collective actions.

The accusations against these companies state that they cheated their employees out of the overtime wages they earned, violating the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and state wages laws. The FLSA says non-exempt employees must receive a premium in payment for hours worked beyond the standard 40-hour week (i.e., overtime hours).

Some companies mislead their employees regarding FLSA by discouraging reporting of overtime and by misclassifying the employees as exempt from overtime payment, which is the type of violation we are alleging against Select Rehab with this lawsuit.

Strada’s Violations of the FLSA

Contact us for a no-obligation discussion if you have experienced any unfair overtime pay calculation as an employee of Strada Services, including the following:

Not receiving pay for time worked beyond 40 hours in a week
Having a supervisor alter your time card to reflect fewer hours worked
Having a supervisor fill out a time card for you without your input
Being forced to alter your time card to reflect fewer hours than you worked
Working during nights and weekends without extra compensation
Not receiving a new job order until completing the previous job, no matter how long the previous job required, encouraging you to work outside normal business hours
We want to hear about your work experience as a piece rate worker for Strada Services in a 10-to-15-minute phone call.

Our Investigation

As we investigate Strada’s alleged FLSA wage violations, we are seeking to speak with employees who experienced these violations to further verify the facts about the company’s illegal practices regarding overtime pay.

We will use this information to measure the length of time Strada has been cheating its laborer employees out of deserved overtime pay.

If you have information regarding the scheme at Strada Services, d/b/a Strada Electric and Security, to deny paying overtime to deserving employees over at least the past three years, and potentially longer, the employment attorneys at Feldman Legal Group want to speak with you about what happened.

If you believe Strada Services did not pay the overtime wages that you deserved, please contact us. We will set up a convenient time to speak with you about your experience.