Total Insurance Brokers

Did you work for Total Insurance Brokers LLC at any time during the past several years? If so, and if you held a job title similar to Sales Agent, you may be eligible to join a collective action that aims to recover overtime wages the company owes to you.

Those working under Total Insurance Brokers as Sales Agents, Senior Sales Agents, and in similar job positions since at least June 2018 sometimes did not receive overtime pay owed for all of the hours worked. When those employees did receive overtime pay, Total Insurance Brokers sometimes miscalculated the pay, short-changing employees.

We allege that Total Insurance Brokers LLC purposefully withheld the proper overtime compensation from its employees working as inside sales representatives. This represents an alleged wage violation of the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act or 29 U.S.C. §216), which requires that employees classified as inside sales personnel receive the proper amount of overtime pay.

These workers often worked more than 40 hours per week, including through a lunch break, before and after a normal workday, and on weekends. We are seeking the deserved payment for these employees, including payment of the lost or miscalculated overtime wages, all attorney’s fees, all costs related to the lawsuit, prejudgment interest, and liquidated damages.

CASE: Karita Middleton, individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated, v. Total Insurance Brokers LLC, a Fair Labor Standards Act overtime wage collective action lawsuit for the class of inside sales personnel.

This lawsuit alleges Total Insurance Brokers failed to pay required overtime wages to sales agents over the past few years or failed to properly calculate the overtime pay owed to those employees.

In the first part of the complaint, Total failed to pay the Sales Agents, Senior Sales Agents, and similarly titled employees for all hours worked during the week. Total often ignored hours worked over lunch, outside of the normal workday, and on weekends.

In the second part of the complaint, when calculating the overtime pay, Total failed to include the value of commissions the sales personnel earned. FLSA requires that employers add any base salary per hour to any commission earned per hour to calculate the time-and-a-half number for overtime pay for a particular week.

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Representing Employees Treated Unfairly
Feldman Legal Group focuses its time and effort on many cases where employees receive unfair treatment from companies that are violating the FLSA.

Some of the companies against whom we have brought or we are bringing pending lawsuits include Discrete Wireless (d/b/a Nextraq), Fleetcor, Fleetmatics, Granite Telecom, Managed Labor Solutions, N3 Results, Partsbase, Sage Software, Strada Services (d/b/a Strada Electric and Security), Verizon Connect, and others.

Many of these cases involve employers willingly miscalculating overtime pay owed under FLSA or refusing to pay overtime by ignoring extra hours worked.

Total Insurance’s Violations of the FLSA
Contact us as soon as possible if you worked for Total Insurance Brokers and believe you did not receive the proper amount of overtime pay. Some of the alleged violations against employees include the following:

Not receiving pay for time worked beyond 40 hours per week
Being expected to work through lunch without pay
Being expected to work on weekends without pay
Working before and after normal working hours without pay
Miscalculating the proper overtime pay by failing to include commissions earned per hour
If a Total Insurance Sales Agent received base pay of $10 per hour and earned $400 in commission in a 40-hour work week, this calculates to earning $10 of commission per hour too. Total needed to calculate the employee’s time-and-a-half overtime pay based on $20 per hour, not $10 per hour. Overtime pay should have been $30 per hour, not $15 per hour.

FLSA requires employers to include commissions in any calculation of overtime pay.

We are seeking to receive the proper overtime pay for employees that Total short-changed, as well as liquidated damages of double the sum of overtime wages owed.

Our Investigation
We are seeking to speak with any past or present employees of Total Insurance Brokers who experienced pay issues similar to those described here. We are seeking information to verify the facts being alleged in this overtime pay violation case.

Speaking with us does not mean that you must agree to opt into the lawsuit, although you can. We have an interest in gathering as much information as possible regarding the case, including determining the exact length of time Total Insurance has been cheating its inside sales representatives out of the proper overtime pay.

If you have information regarding the scheme at Total Insurance Brokers to miscalculate overtime pay or to completely deny the payment of overtime since at least June 2018, the employment law attorneys at Feldman Legal Group want to speak with you about your experience.

If you believe you deserved a greater amount of overtime pay than what Total Insurance provided, please contact us. We will set up a time that’s convenient for you to speak with us about what happened to you.