Verizon Connect (Bates and Hall v. Verizon Connect)

Did you work for Verizon Connect or Verizon Connect Fleet USA (f/k/a Fleetmatics USA) in North Carolina or Illinois at some point during the past few years? Those who held inside sales representative positions at these companies may be eligible to join a collective action case seeking to recover unpaid overtime wages from the companies.

This class-action lawsuit aims to recover compensation for overtime wages that the companies failed to pay for those working as inside sales representatives and in similar positions. This lawsuit alleges that this practice represents a wage violation of the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act).

Through the lawsuit, we are alleging that the Verizon Connect companies failed to pay overtime wages to employees who held job titles including Business Development Representative (BDR), Sales Partner, or Closer in the states of Illinois or North Carolina. Those who meet these criteria and who worked for Verizon Connect for any length of time from November 2018 to the present are eligible to join the lawsuit.

We believe these employees deserve to recover damages including unpaid overtime wages, double and triple the wages owed, attorney’s fees and costs, and interest on the unpaid wages.


CASE: Jeremy Mancini Bates and Elaina Hall v. Verizon Connect Fleet USA LLC and Verizon Connect Inc., violation of Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime wage laws in North Carolina and Illinois.

The lawsuit alleges that Verizon Connect and Verizon Connect Fleet failed to pay required overtime wages to affected employees working as inside sales reps since November 2018. The lawsuit alleges that the companies failed to keep accurate records regarding hours worked in North Carolina and Illinois.

These Verizon Connect companies used certain job titles to attempt to classify such employees as being ineligible for overtime pay. However, Business Development Representatives and those holding similar job titles should have been non-exempt, hourly-paid employees.

Some of the affected job titles, which the company used to refer to the employees or that the employees used to describe themselves, include:

Business Development Representative (BDR)
Business Development Manager (BDM)
Account Manager
Account Executive
Associate Sales Partner
Development Manager
Fleet Manager
Sales Partner
Sales Specialist
Verizon Communications, which is the parent company of Verizon Connect and Verizon Connect Fleet, purchased Fleetmatics USA in 2016. Fleetmatics USA became Verizon Connect and Verizon Connect Fleet in 2018.

Verizon continued to operate these two companies under the same unlawful pay structure regarding withheld overtime pay that Fleetmatics USA used. Fleetmatics USA subsequently lost a settlement of more than $2 million for its unfair pay practices.

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Common Unfair Practices

At Feldman Legal Group, we have represented employees at companies including Total Insurance Brokers, Strada Services, Fleetcor, Fleetmatics, N3 Results, Managed Labor Solutions, Sage Software, Partsbase, Discrete Wireless d/b/a Nextraq, Granite Telecom, and others in similar FLSA collective actions.

The accusations against these companies state that they cheated their employees out of the overtime wages they earned, violating the Fair Labor Standards Act and other state wages laws. The FLSA says non-exempt employees must receive a premium in payment for hours worked beyond the standard 40-hour week (i.e., overtime hours).

Some companies mislead their employees regarding FLSA by discouraging reporting of overtime and misclassifying the employees as exempt from overtime payment.

Verizon Connect’s Violations of the FLSA

Contact us if you have experienced any unfair overtime pay calculation as an employee of Verizon Connect companies. Some of the ways these companies failed to credit and pay employees for their overtime hours included having employees:

Work through part or all of the companies’ permitted meal breaks
Come in early to start a shift before the scheduled work time
Continue to work after the scheduled shift time ended
Work outside of normal shift hours
Perform any type of work during meal breaks or outside the office, including answering emails, making phone calls, or performing data entry
We want to hear about your work experience with Verizon Connect and Verizon Connect Fleet.

Our Investigation

As we investigate the alleged FLSA wage violations from the Verizon Connect companies, we want to speak with employees in North Carolina and Illinois who experienced these violations. We want to speak with you to further verify the facts about the company’s illegal practices regarding overtime pay.

If you have information regarding the scheme at Verizon Connect or Verizon Connect Fleet to deny paying overtime to deserving employees in Illinois or North Carolina since November 2018, the employment attorneys at Feldman Legal Group want to speak with you about what happened.

If you believe Verizon Connect did not pay the overtime wages that you deserved, please contact us. We will set up a convenient time to speak with you about your experience.