Were You Denied a Fair Wage?/

You are not alone. There are thousands of laws and regulations to protect and empower employees.

Thousands of workers in Florida are wrongly denied overtime pay, paid less than minimum wage, denied tips or commissions and otherwise deprived of entitled compensation. Whether intentional or by mistake, these are violations of federal and state labor laws.

The Tampa attorneys of Feldman Legal Group help employees denied a fair wage. We advocate for workers across Florida and Georgia in wage and hour claims. We represent employees who have been misinformed, misclassified or flatly cheated out of the pay they deserve. Our legal team has recovered substantial back pay and penalties on behalf of individuals and groups of employees.

Wage & Hour Disputes

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and similar state laws establish certain basic rights of employees, as well as a legal process to remedy violations of those rights.


Minimum Wage

Florida’s minimum wage is $8.25. Georgia’s minimum wage is $7.25.

Tipped Employees

Must be paid at least $5.23 per hour and cannot earn less than minimum wage between wages and tips.

Overtime Pay

Employees are entitled to overtime pay for any hours beyond 40 in a week.


Many salaried workers and independent contractors who are denied overtime are misclassified.


Our experienced Tampa employment lawyers offer skilled enforcement of your rights under the FLSA and Florida laws if you were denied a fair wage. We will pursue of punitive damages if your employer retaliates after you bring a wage claim. We can confirm whether you are owed additional compensation and take action to retrieve it through a negotiated settlement or at trial.

Securing Justice for Workers: Individually & Collectively

In any matter, our attorneys take a proactive approach to maximize our clients’ recovery. This commitment has led to professional recognition as an attorney who has won verdicts and settlements exceeding $1 million.

Class Actions

Lowe’s: $4.8 Million
Payless Shoesource: $2.9 Million
Burger King Corp: $1.2 Million
Fleetmatics: $2.5 Million
Fleetcor / NextraqFleetcor: $750,000
Circle K: $500,000

Cases We’re Investigating

Nexus Business Solutions
JW Logistics LLC
Sage Group PLC, Sage Software Inc., and Sage Payment Solutions
Fleetcor Technologies Operating Company

Protecting Your Rights if You Were Denied Fair Wages

If you were denied a fair wage, talk to a lawyer at Feldman Legal Group. Our experienced employment law attorneys will give you a free evaluation of your case. Contact us today. There are no attorneys’ fees unless we recover past due compensation for you.