Many adult entertainment clubs classify their exotic dancers and even servers as “independent contractors.” In so doing, the club ownership does not pay these class of workers minimum wages or overtime wages, and instead subjects them to fines and fees in order to work. Over the last decade, many courts around the country have ruled that exotic dancers and servers should have been classified as employees and are non-exempt, entitled to overtime and minimum wages for all hours worked.

Do You Work in Adult Entertainment and Were Misclassified?

If you are an exotic dancer or a server in an adult entertainment establishment or ANY restaurant or bar that has been, or is now, classified as an independent contractor, you may be entitled to recover wages for all hours worked and an equal sum in liquidated damages. You are able to pursue a claim under most state wage laws and the FLSA, even if you signed an independent contractor agreement with the club or establishment. If you would like a free assessment, please contact us.