Quid pro quo is Latin for something for something. In the context of sexual harassment, quid pro quo refers to a cause-effect relationship between sexual favors and workplace status —”Do this for me and I will help you in your career,” or “Don’t do this for me and you will face consequences.” Our Florida quid pro quo sexual harassment lawyers at Feldman Legal Group have experience with clients who may not know this term, but understand well the threat these types of harassing expectations produce.

Types of Sexual Harassment at Work

Generally, such harassment will take one of two forms:

  • A positive employment move such as hiring, promotion, a pay raise or a favorable work assignment is made contingent upon providing sexual favors.
  • The rejection of a sexual advance results in adverse consequences such as termination, demotion or unfavorable work assignments.

This type of harassment is unlawful under state and federal laws. If your employer, manager or an agent of your employer has made sexual demands or suggested a quid pro quo expectation, you may have a viable employment law claim.

What Can a Florida Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment Lawyer Do for Me?

Damages available to victims of quid pro quo harassment may include:

  • past and future economic loss,
  • emotional distress,
  • punitive damages and
  • attorneys’ fees.

At Feldman Legal Group, our sexual harassment lawyers are strong advocates for those who have been mistreated at work in Tampa and Atlanta and throughout Florida and Georgia. We can help you understand your rights and options. We have the experience and resources to hold employers accountable for quid pro quo harassment and other unlawful workplace practices.

Count on Our Experience to Protect Your Rights

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