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Under federal and state law, employees in Tampa, FL, are protected from many forms of workplace mistreatment. If you believe your legal rights have been violated at work, you can do something about it with the help of a Tampa employee rights lawyer. The experienced employment law attorneys at Feldman Legal Group are dedicated advocates for workers, and we can help you seek justice and financial security.

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Your Legal Rights at Work

Because you have legal rights as a U.S. worker, it is important to have a basic knowledge of employment laws that affect you. Florida is an “at-will” employment state, so your employer does have a right to decline to promote you or to terminate you without a specific reason. However, the reason cannot be related to your race, color, religion, sex, age(40+), national origin, disability, or genetic information.

Since these are protected classifications under U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission laws, your employer cannot legally discriminate against you based upon any of these factors. Employee rights are also protected under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and other laws.

There are several key employment rights you should know about and understand. These include:

Your Right to Be Paid a Fair Wage

Tampa employee rights attorney insists that this paycheck is fair pay for his clients.You must be paid a fair wage, whichever is higher between the legal federal and state minimum wages. In Florida, this means you must receive $8.25 per hour, and you must be paid $12.38 for overtime hours worked. Wage laws include rules for employees receiving tips, commission and bonus pay-outs, as well as restrictions on employer classifications for “exempt” employees.

Your Right to Be Hired, Promoted, and Compensated Fairly without Discrimination

Under EEOC laws, your employer cannot treat you differently from other employees because of circumstances over which you have no control. These include your heritage, age, medical status or gender — for example, men and women must receive equal pay for equal work. If you have evidence that one of these factors is affecting your employment (or has resulted in wrongful termination), you may have a legal case.

Your Right to a Workplace Free of Hostility or Harassment

If any of the above factors contributes to a hostile work environment, where you are regularly disrespected or unfairly disciplined, this may be legal harassment. Sexual harassment falls under the umbrella of gender discrimination, and pregnancy is protected as a medical condition. If you are harassed or criticized for any cause described under the EEOC, you may have legal standing.

Your Right to Protest Unlawful Treatment

If you put in a complaint about discrimination or harassment, your employer cannot retaliate against you as a result. You are also protected under “whistleblower” laws if you complain about safety issues, wage and hour violations, or other illegal activity. Termination because of any of these circumstances can be grounds for a wrongful discharge lawsuit.

Your Right to Take Family Leave

The FMLA provides you with the right to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave from your job. You can use FMLA to care for your newborn or adopted child or take leave because of a serious medical condition affecting you or a close family member. FMLA applies to all employers who have 50+ employees working within a 75-mile radius. After taking leave, you must be restored to your position or an equivalent position.

Tampa employee rights lawyer ensures all workers are treated fairly., including workings like these 3 people reviewing architectural plans at a table.

How a Tampa Employee Rights Lawyer Can Help

Employment laws are complex, and these cases can be difficult to prove. Your successful employment law claim will require a thorough investigation into the facts of the situation. If you believe you are a victim of wrongdoing on the part of your employer, the best thing to do is talk to a seasoned Tampa employee rights lawyer before you take any other action. At Feldman Legal Group, our attorneys know just how to handle these cases and can offer you valuable counsel and representation.

Depending upon your individual circumstances, you may be entitled to compensation for lost income, denied opportunities, past wages, and stress-related emotional suffering. In particularly outrageous employment cases, some victims are even awarded punitive damages.

Feldman Legal Group has a strong record of results for past clients, including multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements. Have your employment rights been violated? A dedicated Tampa employee rights attorney is only a phone call away.