You May Be Rewarded For Exposing Fraud

Citizens who expose fraud against the government may be entitled to share in any financial recovery when the government prosecutes the wrongdoers. A qui tam lawsuit acknowledges both the assistance and the sacrifice of the whistleblower, who may suffer backlash for bringing the criminal activity to light.

Feldman Legal Group represents either party in whistleblower retaliation cases and qui tam actions. Our lawyers have helped employees or private citizens initiate qui tam actions against fraudulent businesses, and we have defended companies accused of wrongdoing by disgruntled former employees or other individuals.

Ready to Blow the Whistle on Illegal Activity?

When a company, nonprofit organization, governmental body or individual knowingly files phony claims against a government program or otherwise misuses or misappropriates federal funds, private citizens may sue that entity or person under the False Claims Act.

Qui Tam Attorneys

A qui tam lawsuit is brought by an employee, former employee or private citizen who has become aware of the fraud. If any of the ill-gotten money is recovered in a subsequent investigation and prosecution, the citizen who initiated the lawsuit is entitled to a portion of the recovery. Successful plaintiffs commonly receive 15 percent and as much as 30 percent, which might equate to thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Only the first person to file suit and provide evidence of false claims or government fraud will receive a share of the government’s recovery. That person cannot be an executive or employee who was complicit in the fraud.

A copy of the lawsuit is provided to federal and state authorities. If the government investigates and finds merit, the U.S. Attorney or Attorney General typically takes over the lawsuit, but the citizen retains qui tam rights. Under the False Claims Act, wrongdoers are subject to treble damages (three times the amount of defrauded funds). If the government declines to take the case, the whistleblower can proceed with the lawsuit on his or her own.

Experienced Whistleblower Lawsuit Attorneys

Feldman Legal Group typically handles qui tam cases on a contingency fee basis. You will not be required to pay a fee unless and until there is a monetary recovery.

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