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Racial discrimination occurs anytime an employer singles out someone and treats him or her differently based on skin color or physical characteristics associated with race. Consult with a Florida racial discrimination lawyer to determine if you have a case given your experience with racial discrimination.
Such workplace discrimination can take many forms, from refusing to hire or promote someone because of his or her race to allowing and perpetrating racial jokes and slurs in the workplace.If you have been subjected to discrimination at work because of your race, you have powerful legal remedies available to you. The lawyers at Feldman Legal Group have decades of combined experience handling these claims for clients in Tampa and Atlanta and throughout Florida and Georgia. We are passionate advocates for those who have been harassed, ridiculed and left behind because of their race.

Have You Suffered Racial Discrimination at Work?

It may be difficult to know if the treatment you have been subjected to at work rises to the level of racial discrimination. If your company or a manager in your company has a history of treating people differently based on race, you may have a viable claim. An experienced attorney can help you gauge the strength of your case.

You do not have to have been fired, demoted or denied employment or promotion to be a victim of racial discrimination. If you have been subjected to racial jokes, slurs, offensive images of a racial nature or any type of racial harassment, you may have a claim against your employer.

Our Florida Racial Discrimination Lawyers Seek Justice for You

If you have suffered racial discrimination in the workplace, it is important to work with a law firm that can go the distance for you. We are trial lawyers who have achieved significant results in discrimination lawsuits, in and out of court. We apply proven negotiation strategies to achieve favorable results out of court. When that does not yield the outcome our client deserves, our Florida racial discrimination attorneys are always prepared to take cases to court.

Remedies to racial discrimination may include reinstatement, front and back pay, damages for emotional distress, attorneys’ fees and more, depending on the details of your case. We can help you fight for everything you deserve.

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