A Florida Personal Injury Firm For Families Coping With Child Accidents

In the aftermath of an accident that seriously injures or kills a child, the parents’ grief may be inexpressible, and finding the strength and focus to take legal action may seem all but impossible. Coping emotionally and moving forward must be priorities, but so should seeking just compensation under the law, as the financial needs of injured kids and families are often overwhelming as well.

A Tampa child injury lawyer at our firm will make every effort to help you in this traumatic time, beginning with a free assessment on your legal rights and options.

Knowledge Across The Spectrum Of Personal Injury And Wrongful Death Claims

We have many years of experience handling child injury claims and lawsuits, giving our legal team extensive knowledge of the unique aspects of these cases. This includes presenting compelling proof of the responsible driver’s or other party’s negligence and demonstrating the full impact of injuries on the lives of your child and entire family.

  • Auto accidents, including car accidents caused by drunk, distracted or otherwise negligent drivers, as well as roadway crashes involving semi trucks and other commercial vehicles
  • Van, car or SUV accidents that result in severe child injuries despite parents’ or caretakers’ use of age- and size-appropriate child car seats
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents that victimize children walking, running and at play
  • Accidents and injuries at bus stops or on other public property — including those requiring a prompt, well-prepared notice of claim against a city, county or other government entity
  • Preventable birth trauma and delivery injuries, including cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy and infant death due to medical malpractice or hospital negligence
  • Drownings and pool injuries, as well as accidents occurring at amusement parks, water parks, fairs, carnivals and other recreational venues
  • Injuries in areas unsafe for children, including abandoned homes and construction sites, calling for a child accident attorney with a strong understanding of Florida attractive nuisance law

Injured Child? Lawyers At Our Firm Offer Guidance And Focused Representation.

We have offices in Tampa and Atlanta but we can come to you anywhere in Florida if necessary. Please contact us today, because learning your legal rights will cost you nothing unless we take your valid case and obtain compensation for you.