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Worker and bystander safety should be constant priorities on any construction site, but precautions and vigilance are especially critical when a crane is in use. While crane accidents are rare, the vast majority that do occur result in loss of life or catastrophic injuries. All too often, workers and families are shocked at the lack of support and accountability shown by their employers or other parties responsible for such devastating, life-changing accidents.

If you have been victimized by a crane collapse, fall or any other serious construction accident, we urge you to get proven legal counsel as soon as you can. You may run into a workers’ compensation claim denial or delay, or miss an opportunity to seek substantial compensation for damages if someone other than your employer was negligent.

Led by accomplished trial attorney Feldman Legal Group. , our personal injury team will investigate what happened with intense determination to identify crane accident causes and factors that may include:

  • Deployment of a crane with a known risk of instability and potential for tip-over or collapse
  • Inadequate crane operator training, or failure to inspect and repair the crane to keep it in acceptable working condition
  • Unreasonable orders to work in high winds or other inclement weather conditions

You May Have Recourse Beyond Workers’ Compensation Benefits

The Tampa crane accident lawyers of Feldman Legal Group. handle complex personal injury investigations and litigation for construction accident victims throughout Florida. If we take on your valid case, we can apply decades of experience dealing with workers’ compensation and disability claims, third-party lawsuits against contractors, OSHA investigations and other critical aspects of work injury claims.

We know that crane accident victims, though they may feel very fortunate to have survived, must often cope with work-ending and life-changing outcomes such as:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Crush injuries that may cause loss of limbs and severe internal organ damage
  • Spinal cord injuries that can cause paralysis
  • Other disabling neck and back injuries
  • Multiple bone breaks or other orthopedic injuries requiring surgery and/or lengthy and costly rehabilitation

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