What To Do if You Were Injured While Commuting to Work

If you are injured on the job, it is easy to assume that you have a valid workers’ compensation claim. But what if you are injured on the way to work or hurt in a car accident on the way to a work function? In this case, it may not be so obvious where you should turn to for compensation.

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Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation or Both?

If you were injured going to or leaving work, it can be a complex undertaking to determine who has liability. For example, a marketing representative who spends a lot of time driving for work-related reasons may be able to seek workers’ compensation benefits in addition to making an injury claim against a negligent driver or recovering PIP coverage on their own insurance policy. If an employee is on the way to an off-site work meeting, they may also be able to seek workers’ compensation benefits. In most cases, employees injured on the way to or from the office are not covered by workers’ compensation.

Injured While Commuting to Work?

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