Avoid These Common Personal Injury Mistakes

Avoid These Common Personal Injury Mistakes

Before an insurance claim or lawsuit begins, the first mistake people make is failing to gather evidence. An accident can be so stressful that people may forget to contact the police. Having the authority at the accident scene can be both a legal requirement and an easy way to gather evidence formally. For instance, the police take photographs, question witnesses, and document the accident’s events after a car accident. 

The more documentation and evidence you provide your attorney, the better his ability to build your case. This also includes talking to medical professionals after the accident. 

Choosing The Wrong Attorney 

The circumstances of your problem dictate the kind of attorney you need to speak to. But this goes beyond the simple explanation of choosing a personal attorney—it involves choosing legal counsel who has experience with insurance companies

If you are struggling to get a claim through with your insurance company, then there is a chance (or an all-out likelihood) that your lawyer has dealt with that company before. What kinds of tactics and negotiation techniques do they employ? An experienced attorney will know these things. 

There are scenarios where the size of your insurance settlement will be dependent on the amount of money you ask for. Ask for too little, and the company will lowball you. Demand too much, and they may see that fighting your case is in their financial best interest. The right attorney not only knows what your claim is worth but understands how to get in.

The First Offer

This mistake doesn’t get made when you have an attorney. He is in a position to know what your case is worth. If an insurance company offers you a settlement—and you choose not to consult an attorney—how would you genuinely know if the amount is reasonable?

Several factors go into determining the value of one. Establishing lost wages and medical bills may be relatively straightforward. An insurance company or opposing counsel may disagree with how much pain and suffering is worth. Or how much your future earning potential has been impacted. Allow your attorney to build an argument and present your position. 

Overlooking The Need For Experts

Experts stand out in their respective fields. They are hyper-focused in a specific area and possess up-to-date knowledge. It’s not enough to know you need an expert to support your argument, but you need the right one—the one who applies to your case the best. 

Not only will your lawyer not know which lawyers to consult, but he will know how their expert opinion fits into your overall argument. 

Feldman Legal Group

A personal injury can significantly disrupt your life, but don’t allow it to impact your future. At the Feldman Legal Group, we understand how insurance companies work and possess a significant amount of trial experience; attorney Feldman even worked for insurance companies defending personal injury and workers compensation claims for many years. Contact us today to request your assessment.