Chinese Drywall in Your Home

Chinese Drywall in Your Home

Chinese drywall used in many homes in Florida as well as other states is tainted and may be making homeowners sick. The drywall emits noxious gases such as carbon disulfide, carbonyl sulfide and hydrogen sulfide. The smell the wallboard gives off has the odor of rotten eggs and worsens in high temperature and humidity so many cases have been reported in southern states. Homeowners have reported symptoms such as respiratory problems, difficulty breathing, and sinus problems that worsen when they come back to their dry walled homes.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission of the Department of Housing and Urban Development lists an identification method for problem drywall as follows:

The two steps in the identification process for determining whether there is a drywall problem are:

  1. An initial or threshold inspection to find visual signs of metal corrosion and evidence of drywall installation during the relevant time period
  2. The identification of corroborating evidence or characteristics such as markings on the drywall of the Chinese origin of the product, corrosion of copper metal or other corrosive conditions in the home

Visual inspection of the home must show blackening of copper electrical wiring or air conditioning evaporator coils. In addition, the home must have had the installation of new drywall in the period between 2001 and 2008.

Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin has agreed to remediate the situation on homes built with its defective drywall. Remediation is an involved and complex process to remove the drywall and replace all the systems and fixtures it has damaged.

Speak to an experienced Florida personal injury attorney if you believe you have dangerous Chinese drywall in your home.