Common Causes of Construction-Site Accidents You Need to Be Aware Of

Common Causes of Construction-Site Accidents You Need to Be Aware Of

Florida is under construction. All the major cities, several highways, and even small towns constantly see cranes and work vehicles moving through the area. This can be exciting as we look to the future of the Sunshine State, but we also have to be aware of the risks that come with construction projects.

Ultimately, construction-site accidents and injuries are an ever-present risk for construction workers and pedestrians traveling through construction zones. Injuries and accidents have been an issue for some time with no sign of slowing down. The best way to protect yourself if you’re on a job is to be aware of the common causes of these accidents so you can prepare and protect yourself and others.


Up front, we should consider the human element. It’s natural to want to get through a job quickly and get the work done. This way you can move on to the next job and the next paycheck – but this can also create bad habits.

Injuries frequently occur on construction sites because workers are moving too quickly or aren’t paying close enough attention to the equipment being used. You’ve heard it before but take your time! If you’re using a ladder or scaffolding, pay attention. If you’re using heavy machinery, use it properly and pay attention.

Negligence also extends to the management of a project. Managers at a work site should be setting you up for success and taking the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe while they work hard on the project itself.

Malfunctioning or Improper Equipment

You need the right tools for the job. Every worker knows this just like every worker knows what it’s like to try to get a job done with the wrong tools. Florida construction accidents can often be the result of being forced to use the wrong equipment or malfunctioning equipment.

It’s imperative to pay close attention to which tools are needed and available for a job. Trying to keep working when the right equipment is unavailable or malfunctioning exposes everyone on the job to injury risk.


Construction workers are some of America’s hardest workers. They put their bodies on the line to build the future of our communities. Because of this, we find that construction workers frequently put their heads down and just keep working even when exhaustion and soreness set in.

Overworking can result in subpar work from even the best employees. It also puts them in a position to make mistakes that can derail the project or create injury risk for others involved. It’s okay to take a break and maybe sit out on a job when your body tells you to do so.

Repetitive Motions

Carpal tunnel syndrome is rampant on construction sites. Workers often find themselves doing the same motion over and over which can lead to this and other long-term problems. These actions may be necessary to get the job done, but a worker’s long-term health has to be considered and efforts should be made to mitigate these risks.

Even if you’re simply doing the work required of you to get a job done and develop these or other injuries, you may be owed compensation. Construction sites are dangerous areas, and nobody is safe from accidents. If you were hurt on a Florida construction site and believe you’re owed compensation for your injuries, call Feldman Legal Group at 877-946-8293. We’re dedicated to fighting for the injured!