Dangerous Roadways in Florida Cause Many Pedestrian Accidents

Many wide roadways crisscross the state of Florida. Not long ago, The New York Times reported on a recent survey showing that showed four Florida metropolitan areas ranked as the most dangerous places for anyone to walk in the United States:

  • Jacksonville with 342 pedestrian deaths
  • Orlando- Kissimmee with 557 pedestrian deaths
  • Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater with 905 pedestrian deaths
  • Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach with 1,555 pedestrian deaths

Poor roadway design and other dangerous conditions

Many of these deaths occur on roadways with dangerous designs that lead to unnecessary injury and death. People are encouraged to walk for health reasons, but by doing so in these metro areas they put themselves in danger of having a serious accident.

Even when roads are designed properly, pedestrians still face many other risks that may be the result of improper actions. Drivers may fail to stop or may weave into the crosswalk. Roads that lack traffic lights or have many curves present additional risks to pedestrians. And all roads can become unsafe when drivers speed.

A defective design of a roadway does not need to imperil those who use it. Road widening projects can help in certain cases. Sidewalks can be installed and traffic signals and stop lights can be relocated to better areas. Potholes can be filled and regular maintenance can be undertaken. Missing signs need to be replaced and signs need to be appropriate for the known conditions that develop in an area. Hedges and bushes should be trimmed.

Drivers and pedestrians injured on a defectively designed or inadequately maintained road may be entitled to seek compensation for their injuries. Contact a Florida car accident lawyer for representation.