Feldman Legal Group Secures $3.2 Million in Settlement With Verizon Connect Fleet

Feldman Legal Group Secures $3.2 Million in Settlement With Verizon Connect Fleet

We recently secured a major victory against Verizon Connect Fleet USA LLC for violations of state and federal wage laws. Our team fought for this case after verifying claims that the company failed to pay proper wages for overtime hours put in by hard-working employees at offices across the country.

This case is a big win for workers and upholds the rights of the worker to be paid a premium when they give more of their time to satisfy the needs of their employer. We frequently write about overtime laws and what employees need to know about their paychecks. We stand firmly by employees being paid what they deserve. The facts of this case have far-reaching impacts on similar cases today and in the future.

Facts of the Case

This case began with three plaintiffs (Lauren Garnick, Tshacha Romeo, and Corey Hanvey) before expanding into a major class-action lawsuit that included over 150 plaintiffs. These three individuals came forward, claiming Verizon Connect Fleet refused to pay them overtime pay despite being required by both state and federal laws.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires that all non-exempt employers across the country pay a premium for any hours worked over 40 hours in each workweek. These plaintiffs, who were mostly inside sales reps, business development reps, and sales partners, were governed by an illegal policy that expected workers to not report all overtime hours worked and to decline pay when they worked through all or some of their lunch breaks.

Company Previously Paid Millions for Similar Violations

Verizon Communications purchased Fleetmatics Group back in 2016. You may be familiar with that company because we secured a $2.1 million judgment against them for similar overtime pay abuses.

Ultimately, these policies have cost nearly $5.5 million over the years. The continued refusal to pay what workers are owed for overtime hours shows a brazen lack of care for the employee.

What Can You Do If This Happens to You?

You may be reading this and realizing your paycheck has come up short numerous times. Are you working extra hours without seeing a boost in pay? Does your company require you to fudge your timecard to avoid accruing too much overtime in one pay period?

These practices are illegal. You’re protected by FLSA and your state’s laws. If you’ve taken your concerns to your boss and have seen no resolution then you have no option but to turn to a lawyer. You will not only be owed the missed pay for previous time worked but will also earn what you’re owed in future hours worked. If your employer retaliated against you for approaching them about underpaying you and your colleagues then you may be owed even more compensation.

Feldman Legal Group has extensive experience standing up for workers against companies who refuse to pay them what they’re owed. If you think your paycheck is coming up short, are being forced to lie about your hours, or were retaliated against for raising these concerns then contact our offices right away. We will fight for you and secure full compensation for the time you’ve put in.