Heat Exposure Deaths a Day Care Hazard in Florida

Heat Exposure Deaths a Day Care Hazard in Florida

Cecily Roberts, the operator of a Broward County day care center, was arrested in New York, where she fled after the death of Jordan Coleman, a four-year-old in her care. Jordan was left for two hours in a parked van, and when emergency responders arrived, his temperature was 108 degrees. Roberts was charged with aggravated manslaughter and lying about the number of children she was licensed to accept. The family of Jordan Coleman is bringing a wrongful death suit against the Broward daycare center as well.

Sadly, this is not the first time a child died or was injured from heat exposure in a day care center vehicle:

  • 2010, Delray Beach – two-year-old Haile Brockington died after six hours in a van
  • 2005, Ocala – three-year-old Nicholas Bradshaw spent three hours in a van and was in a coma for a week; he continues to have memory and speech problems

Shockingly, Roberts was operating an unlicensed day care center when law enforcement tracked her down. Just as disturbing, the Broward County agency in charge of day care licensing had cited Roberts for violations 42 times since 2005.

Young children have a greater risk for hyperthermia and should never be left alone in closed vehicle – especially in the sweltering Florida sun. If your child has been injured because a day care center failed to maintain proper safety standards, knowledgeable lawyers can explain your legal options for pursuing compensation.