Injured Little League Player Recovers Settlement

Injured Little League Player Recovers Settlement

When a member of the family is permanently injured in an accident, it is a tragedy. When that member is a child, it is more than that – it is absolutely devastating. Such was the case when Stephen Domalewski, a passionate Little League ballplayer from Wayne, NJ, was struck in the chest by a ball hit off a metal bat in 2006. The force of the ball upon then 12-year-old Domalewski was enough to send the boy into cardiac arrest and stopping the flow of oxygen to his brain. By the time the paramedics arrived, his brain had been without oxygen for 15 minutes – more than enough time to cause permanent brain damage. Domalewski can no longer move, eat or dress himself on his own.

With medical bills mounting and the cost of permanent care necessary for Stephen, the Domalewski family sought legal guidance. They had the help of a strong legal advocate who looked at the situation and determined that Little League Baseball regulations, the bat’s manufacturer, and the sporting goods distributor were to blame for the tragedy. The regulations specified that metal bats were safe for Little League play, which was clearly not the case – the speed with which the ball came off the metal bat was directly responsible for Stephen’s permanent brain injury.

With the help of a personal injury attorney who fought for them every step of the way, the Domalewskis finally received a settlement of $14.5 million from Little League and the other two defendants nearly six years after the injury. While the cash settlement couldn’t come close to repairing the damage, it did help to mitigate the stress that hospital bills added to an already devastating situation.

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