In the United States, we are all guaranteed the right to live and prosper. This means we should be permitted to earn a living, but sometimes circumstances and people get in the way of this. Certain laws at the local and federal levels protect employees from being terminated based on discrimination and employers cannot break the rules of an employment contract. What’s important to know is most employers will be protected in “at-will” employment states
Restaurant Owners May Count Service Charges As Wages, Not Tips, for Servers
When a restaurant places fixed service charges on a customer’s bill, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in March 2022 that the restaurant can distribute these service charges to employees, including wait staff, and use the disbursement to offset minimum wage requirements under FLSA. This is potentially an important distinction when these employees end up working overtime hours. If you are a restaurant server who works overtime, but you are unsure whether your employer
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There’s no place in any workplace for discrimination. We all deserve an equal and just opportunity to pursue our dreams and see the fruits of our labor regardless of race, skin color, religion, sex, gender, pregnancy, nationality, age, disability, or marital status. Federal and local laws protect people from all walks of life from being discriminated against in the workplace. The rules apply regardless of how a manager uses their power. Whether it is to
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Workers Compensation
Workers’ Compensation Is Important Protecting Your Health and Your Future Is Your Right Workers’ compensation claims are commonplace both across the United States and in Florida. Every day, workers are injured while on the job, and the benefits from these claims are critical in providing them the financial assistance they need as they recover. Unfortunately, the compensation awarded is not always appropriate for the injuries suffered. If you were injured on the job and filed
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You should be paid what you deserve. End of story. Read that first sentence again, because we want to help you make sure you’re getting the wages you deserve. We’ve previously talked about how to know if you’re underpaid, but what should you do if you look at your paycheck and realize it’s just not enough? Let’s walk through your options. Ask for a raise This one could be better classified as “demand a raise,”
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At Feldman Legal Group, we believe in fighting for the injured. We work in Personal Injury cases, where one person has suffered at the hands of another, whether intentionally or not. We believe in justice for the injured, and that they are given the time and resources they need in order to fully recover from their injury and return to normal life as much as possible. “Personal Injury” is the legal term for the type
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Workers’ compensation provides you with replacement income after you’ve been injured on the job and can’t work. That raises the question of “Does workers’ comp count as income?” since it covers the wages you’ve lost from the injury. The short answer to the question is no, workers’ comp does not count as earned income except in limited circumstances. Federal and state laws don’t tax workers’ compensation as a general rule, which means you get to
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Broken finger X-ray | Workers comp body part prices
Workers’ Comp Settlement Body Part Prices A Devastating Question to Ask If you are researching the phrase “workers’ comp settlement body part prices” it stands to reason that either you or someone you love has been the victim of a tragic accident while on the job. The physical pain and the emotional distress involved in incidents like this are considerable – in fact, they are indescribable. Financial benefits for injuries suffered while at work may
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Even if you take all the steps you’re supposed to make your workers’ compensation claim, there’s still a chance that your claim could be denied. Your employer might be trying to avoid a claim on their record, the insurance company may not want to pay, or you may have made a mistake. If you get a workers’ compensation denial letter, it doesn’t mean that the decision is final. Here’s what you should do next. Understand
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January 21, 2022

Proving Fault In Florida

Florida has a no-fault system. If you were to get into a minor car accident, you do not have to prove fault to receive compensation. Both you and the other driver (regardless of fault) would be able to file a claim with your individual insurance companies.  There is also the pure negligence standard. In Florida, people can share fault. If another driver was determined to be 75% at fault for the accident, your awarded damages
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