Even if you take all the steps you’re supposed to make your workers’ compensation claim, there’s still a chance that your claim could be denied. Your employer might be trying to avoid a claim on their record, the insurance company may not want to pay, or you may have made a mistake. If you get a workers’ compensation denial letter, it doesn’t mean that the decision is final. Here’s what you should do next. Understand
Workers Compensation

January 21, 2022

Proving Fault In Florida

Florida has a no-fault system. If you were to get into a minor car accident, you do not have to prove fault to receive compensation. Both you and the other driver (regardless of fault) would be able to file a claim with your individual insurance companies.  There is also the pure negligence standard. In Florida, people can share fault. If another driver was determined to be 75% at fault for the accident, your awarded damages
Vehicle Accidents
How Do I Know if I Am Underpaid?
As a hard-working employee, you dedicate what feels like countless hours to your career. If you’re like most Americans, you may even find it challenging to maintain a reasonable work-life balance, leaving you exhausted and fried when you’re finally off the clock. After so much effort to succeed at work, it can be extremely frustrating to feel as if you are underpaid. After all, even if you love what you do, everyone deserves to be
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CAN SALARIED WORKERS GET OVERTIME? Understanding Your Compensation Is Critical Knowledge is power. This popular phrase is relevant in almost every aspect of life, including your compensation and benefits. After all, you work hard and deserve to be paid appropriately. While we would all like to believe that our compensation plans align with the law ,and that we will receive the pay to which we are entitled, this is not always true. Sometimes, mistakes are
Overtime and Wage Violations
In Florida, we have “at-will” employment. The relationship between the employer and employee can be terminated or altered at any time at the employer’s discretion. They don’t need to cite a reason to fire, demote, or decrease the amount of your pay.  Despite that, federal and state laws prohibit your employers from doing any of those things mentioned above if they violate your rights. For example, at-will employment doesn’t allow an employer to terminate you
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Regardless of where you work, whether at an office or a construction site, you have the right to be in a safe environment. Every job has its own risks and safety needs, so how can you ensure that your employer has followed the necessary guidelines? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) set them for every job. Your employer must uphold them. Though OSHA is an excellent resource, there are several things you should look
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EMT Treats Hand Injury | Impairment Rating Settlement Amount in FL for Hand Injury
On-the-Job Injuries Can Impact Your Ability to Work Florida Impairment Rating Scale and Workers’ Compensation Can Provide a Level of Relief If you have been seriously injured on the job, you are more than likely concerned with your workers’ compensation claim, your impairment rating and what you can expect to receive in the form of a settlement. After all, medical treatment can be costly, and, depending upon the severity of your injury, your future earning
Workers Compensation

October 26, 2021

How To Preserve Your Claim

If you have been injured in a car accident, it may impact the other elements of your life. Should your job require that you are on your feet most of the time, a leg injury may prevent you from working. And your inability to financially support yourself and others is a serious matter. Personal injury lawsuits are meant to help alleviate some of the financial burdens of being in an accident. It is essential to
Personal Injury
How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Florida Learn the Steps to Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Florida If you have been injured on the job, you aren’t alone. Each year, thousands of Florida employees file workers’ comp claims for injuries and job-related health conditions. Workers’ compensation is a state-regulated insurance program that pays medical bills and replaces some lost wages for employees who are injured at work or who contract work-related illnesses,
Workers Compensation
Which employment laws apply to remote workers like this woman working in a coffee shop?
Knowledge is Power: Know How Employment Law Affects Your Situation Approximately 43 percent of U.S. employees work remotely at least some of the time—and that number is only expected to continue to increase, especially as the demand for freelancers and remote workers rises nationwide. While being able to work from home, or a coffee shop, or a hotel in another country certainly has its perks (like saving time on that morning commute and, of course,
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