Popular Wrestler Dies Accident But Did Everything Right

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Popular Wrestler Dies Accident But Did Everything Right

You can predict the injury or even death of habitual drunk, aggressive or distracted drivers, but even individuals with safe driving habits can perish in auto accidents due to unforeseen circumstances. This was the case in the death of a well-liked 58-year old wrestler.

According to TMZ, popular wrestler “Macho Man” Randy Savage died in May 2011 when his 2009 Jeep Wrangler proceeded across a concrete median and through oncoming traffic before crashing into a tree in Pinellas County, FL. While the collision initially appeared to cause his death, a later autopsy revealed he had previously-unknown heart conditions that caused a heart attack before he lost control of the vehicle. Thanks to the use of seatbelts, his wife of just one year survived the accident with only minor injuries.

The fact that no other vehicles collided with the out-of-control vehicle represents no less than a miracle. But considering the circumstances that caused Savage to lose control, an accident involving serious injuries might have posed serious challenges in determining liability. Yet even in situations like these, injury victims have the right to pursue appropriate compensation for the expenses they sustain.

Experienced auto accident attorneys understand all avenues available for helping protect their clients from potentially extensive out-of-pocket costs of injuries sustained in accidents they did not cause. It can cost nothing to schedule a free initial assessment to discuss your accident details and obtain an accurate assessment of your legal options.

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