Preparing for a Florida Property Damage Claim

Preparing for a Florida Property Damage Claim

When you are in an accident, the damage does not always extend to bodily injuries. Still, the damage to your property can be crippling and leave you without transportation, especially in situations where you or the other driver are uninsured or underinsured.

This makes it imperative to follow the necessary steps and hit the right deadlines to ensure your claim is at least legally viable and reviewed by the necessary parties.

What you do before you ever get to the claims process could make or break your claim, however. Being prepared will go a long way toward getting what you are owed for the damage you have suffered.

Document Your Property Before An Event

A property damage claim actually starts before you even suffer any damage to your personal property. You take out an insurance policy to protect yourself should an event take place. This should not be the end of your efforts to prepare.

Documenting your property allows you to prove to the insurance company (or the courts if your claim rises to litigation) what you owned and the condition it was in before an event. This could include taking pictures of your vehicle and documenting the upkeep of the vehicle.

Document Upkeep

Documentation is a bit of a theme when it comes to preparing for your claim. Keeping documentation of any previous damages and repairs, and maintaining the condition of your property as much as you can will help you in any claim.

If it’s hard to determine whether the damage is the result of a car accident that happened currently or previously then you may lose out on your claim. Prioritize keeping your vehicle in the best condition you reasonably can in case you ever end up in an accident. This allows you to maximize the recovery.

Review Your Insurance Policy

Do you know what your insurance policy actually covers? A common mistake is people overestimating (or underestimating) what their policy actually covers.

You should familiarize yourself with what is actually in your insurance policy and decide whether or not your coverages are sufficient. Your insurance company will generally inform you when you have too much coverage, but they won’t inform you if you have too little coverage because that can be considered a choice by the policyholder.

Talk to an Attorney

As you prepare for your claim, you may want to talk to an attorney to make sure you are taking the necessary steps to prepare for and file your claim. At Feldman Legal Group, we have the experience in litigating these claims and understand the many pitfalls a claim can fall into. Contact our team if you need help navigating a Florida property damage claim or litigation.