Why Do I Need a Workers Comp Lawyer?

Why Do I Need a Workers Comp Lawyer?

Your employer is obligated by law to provide free medical care if you were injured at work, plus weekly wage benefits until you can return to your job. So why should you seek legal counsel for a workplace accident or a work-related injury?

From the perspective of the employer, an injured worker cuts into productivity and profits. Companies and their workers’ comp insurance carriers will use every tactic to deny or minimize your claim and get you back to work as soon as possible.

The trial lawyers at the Feldman Legal Group have spent 15 years defending insurance companies in workers’ compensation litigation. They know why claims are denied and the methods insurers use to chisel employees out of rightful benefits and compensation. They now use that same experience and insights to fight for the rights of injured workers across Florida.

Contact the Feldman Legal Group to discover how we protect your interests after a work injury. We offer a free initial assessment, representing employees in the Tampa Bay area and statewide.


You should contact an attorney as soon as possible after your injury. There are dozens of ways that legal representation will pay off for you if your employer resists your claim in any way. These are just some of the ways we advocate for clients on a daily basis:

  • Denial of benefits — We can step in immediately if your employer rejected your injury claim as not work-related or not serious enough to miss work.
  • Appeals of claims — Mitch Feldman has successfully tried cases before Judges of Compensation Claims (JCC) to force employers to honor clients’ rights and benefits.
  • Full coverage of injuries — If you are not careful in how you report your accident and file your claim, the employer can deny coverage for certain conditions.
  • Full benefits — We ensure that your wages are correctly calculated and your extent of disability is properly assessed to maximize your weekly benefits or settlement. It is much harder to appeal a disability rating than to get it right on the front end.
  • Medical care — You must treat your injury initially with your employer’s preferred doctors, who may not be sympathetic to your needs or qualified to treat a debilitating condition. We will fight for your right to see specialists or get approved for surgery.
  • Returning to work — We can step in if the doctor tries to send you back to the “front lines” before you are healed or if your employer is pressuring you to return.
  • Termination — You cannot be fired for filing a workers’ comp claim, but some employers will fabricate other reasons. The Feldman Legal Group is wise to these tactics, and has sued companies for wrongful termination.


Call us to arrange a free assessment. We have offices in Tampa and Atlanta, and we also travel across Florida to visit the seriously injured at their home or hospital. There are no attorney fees unless we secure your benefits or win your appeal.