A Competitor Is Interfering with My Business. What Can I Do?

You may need the experience and skill of a Tampa business interference attorney to protect your interests. Peer businesses that do not compete with you fairly must be held responsible if they engage in tortious interference. This can take the form of stealing customers and purposely slandering or disparaging your business. We hold the responsible parties accountable when their actions cost you money and reduce your client base.

Florida Lawyers Holding Your Competitors Accountable for Tortious Interference

At Feldman Legal Group, we will stop your competitors from using improper, tortious tactics to steal or drive clients away from your business.

We serve as your diligent and dedicated legal team when a competitor is committing tortious interference and hindering the growth of your business. Contact us today to get an assessment of your case.

Civil Litigators Ready for the Courtroom

At Feldman Legal Group, we pride ourselves on our broad base of civil litigation skills and in providing complete legal services to businesses. Many business law attorneys or company general counsel focus on just transactional representation, and have the general skills to write letters, file a lawsuit or negotiate a settlement. When it comes to fighting for resolution of a legal dispute that is the most favorable for you, our lawyers recognize the courtroom as not a place to avoid, but in many cases the best or only means to that end. When retaining Feldman Legal Group on any business or contract dispute, you will feel confident that you have in place skilled, experienced trial lawyers on your legal team. We use every means available under the law to protect your interests and enforce your rights.

All tortious interference cases presented to the firm are prepared by our attorneys as if trial will be inevitable. Most cases end up in a courtroom as negotiations with competitors to cease from taking or interfering with customers or clients will not suffice. Too much is at stake to limit your actions to just futile efforts of phone calls or letters. When it comes to the survival and financial well-being of your business, finding and retaining experienced tortious interference litigation attorneys may be the best approach. You need a law firm on your side that is experienced in trying cases and one that will take expeditious, aggressive representation of your interests using the court system.

You May Have a Legal Remedy to Stop Competitors From Harming Your Business

Talk to a business interference attorney at Feldman Legal Group and learn if you have a legal remedy to stop competitors from harming or interference with your business and contractual relationships. For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding contractual relationship interference, please contact one of our offices in Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando or in Atlanta, Georgia.