When starting a business, entrepreneurs must consider countless issues: How should the business be structured? Where should it be located? Who should be hired? Rarely, however, is the prospect of litigious conflict with clients or colleagues considered and addressed until it is too late. Having an experienced Tampa business dispute lawyer on your side in the face of conflict may, however, significantly reduce your company’s exposure to liability, thereby decreasing the probability of dissolution or an unwanted merger. Whether you are just starting your business or are a decades-old member of the corporate market, our commercial litigation attorneys can provide knowledgeable legal counsel to assist you with the gamut of corporate conflicts that can, and often do, arise on a regular basis.


There are a number of business disputes, both foreseen and unexpected, that give rise to the need for legal counsel. Our primary objective in resolving conflict on behalf of our clients is to arrive at a solution benefiting all sides while avoiding the need to engage in costly discovery and an eventual trial. Our corporate dispute lawyers are adept at handling the sensitive and fact-intensive negotiation process and will work tirelessly to settle your dispute without judicial intervention. Of course, when the possibility of a negotiated settlement proves impossible or unworkable in light of the facts of the dispute, our Tampa business dispute attorneys will use their knowledge of civil procedure, corporations, and commercial code laws to zealously advocate your position in a court of law.


Corporate disputes can vary from simple breach of contract claims to multimillion-dollar allegations of fraud and misconduct. Our experienced business dispute lawyers in Tampa routinely handle many of the following areas of commercial disagreement:

  • Contract Disputes: If you are in a disagreement with an employee, customer, or colleague about a provision of a contract, our firm can help negotiate a mutual agreement to benefit both sides. Disputes commonly arise in contracts for the sale and delivery of goods, employment or partnership agreements, insurance policies, non-compete clauses, or commercial leases.
  • Shareholder or Partnership Disputes: Conflict between corporate governance and shareholders is not uncommon. As well, partners often face disagreement over governing policies or corporate direction. Our legal team can help resolve shareholder and partnership issues to give your company the opportunity to move forward in a positive direction.
  • Disputes with Other Companies: Litigation often arises when a customer or client is dissatisfied with a company’s product or services, including disputes with suppliers, vendors, or manufacturers. Working with our firm can significantly reduce your exposure to liability and help both parties maintain their corporate relationship and mutual trust.
  • Government Compliance: At one time or another, every company is faced with questions or issues stemming from regulations imposed by a government entity. Whether you have non-complex IRS compliance concerns or are unsure of how SEC regulations affect your company, our attorneys can help you understand the statutes and adhere to state and federal corporate rules.
  • Sales, Mergers, or Acquisitions: Corporate restructuring can involve multiple areas of law, from government compliance to shareholder liability. If your company is considering a sale, merger, or acquisition, contact one of our knowledgeable corporate attorneys to discuss the proposed transaction and avoid a dispute before one arises.


As you navigate the facets of business ownership, the Tampa business dispute lawyers at Feldman Legal Group can work alongside you to help avoid potential conflict or devise a workable solution once conflict occurs. For more information or to arrange for a consultation, contact our offices today.