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Feldman Williams, PLLC is continuously investigating industries that have historically demonstrated a high volume of unlawful pay practices including both overtime, minimum wage and tip violations. If you work in any of the following industries and question whether you are being properly paid for all hours worked at the correct overtime and wage rates, then we will provide a FREE legal evaluation and consultation regardless of the city or state you reside in.

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If you believe your past or present employer has not properly compensated you for all hours worked, regardless of stated exemptions by the employer, classification as an employee or independent contractor, or commissioned sales person, you are invited to please complete the free assessment form at the bottom of this page to discuss your potential claim. Remember, in most instances, the right to recover wages under state and federal laws have strict time limitations, to make a claim or such wages are unrecoverable.

Industries and Positions Commonly Involving Unlawful Pay Practices

  • Inside sales representatives under various titles such as account manager
  • B2B sales representatives inside and outside
  • Marketing and promotional employees
  • Commissioned sales representatives inside
  • Human Resources employees
  • Assistant managers or managers under various titles
  • Team leaders
  • Restaurant servers
  • Maintenance workers
  • IT and tech support workers
  • Drivers: delivery, limo, etc.
  • Territory managers or OEM representatives
  • Trainees: in long term training programs (fail to meet exemptions until promoted)
  • Call center workers including customer service.
  • Retail managers with less than 2 full time employees each and every week
  • Department supervisors under any title

You may also visit the current class and collective actions page that identifies our current class and collective action cases.

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