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Even when you know you are right, it can be intimidating to challenge an employer
who refuses to provide proper compensation for your hard work.

At Feldman Legal Group in Tampa, our firm represents Tampa-area employees so that they can obtain the wages and overtime that they have earned. Our Florida overtime and minimum wage claim attorneys draw upon more than 20 years of experience helping clients enforce their rights under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and minimum wage laws. Having secured millions of dollars from reluctant employers, we understand how to help you secure the wages you are entitled to.

Advocates in minimum wage and overtime cases

The Florida minimum wage is $8.25 per hour for the first 40 hours worked in a week. After that, most hourly workers are entitled to a 50 percent overtime premium, although exceptions exist. If you are not being properly paid for the hours you’ve worked, we can help. Our firm provides detailed advice on issues relating to:

Exempt Employees

Certain types of employees, such as those who perform managerial or supervisory work, may be considered exempt and therefore excluded from overtime protection. Some employers try to evade paying overtime by unlawfully including some hourly workers as exempt employees.

Workers Who Receive Tips

Waiters and other service workers who are tipped by customers can be paid a salary as low as $5.23 per hour as long as their tip money brings their total hourly compensation to at least $8.25.

New Federal Rules

A May 2016 change in federal rules greatly expands the number of workers entitled to overtime pay. Starting in December 2016, employees making up to $913/week are now eligible for overtime benefits. Our firm can advise you of the effect this and other revisions in the law might have on your case.

Even though minimum wage and overtime are governed by law, you cannot count on your employer to advise you of your rights. If you suspect that you are not being paid fairly, we will investigate the matter on your behalf and diligently work to secure your rightful compensation. Request a free assessment.

Contact a Skilled Employment Attorney

Our lawyers at Feldman Legal Group represent employees who have overtime claims, or have suffered discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination and other unfair treatment at work. Our trial attorneys have decades of combined experience handling employment litigation, practicing in state and federal courts.

Assisting workers who seek leave to
handle a family medical situation

The Family Medical Leave Act authorizes certain workers to receive up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to welcome a newborn child, recover from a medical condition, or care for a family member who is seriously ill or injured. Eligibility is based on the number of employees a company has and the length of time an individual has been working there. Whether you are seeking leave or have been unfairly terminated after taking time off for a qualifying situation, our employment law attorneys will act quickly to help you.

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