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Every year, the U.S. federal government allocates billions of dollars toward national defense. A large percentage of defense spending goes to purchasing equipment, supplies, weapons, and the services of defense contractors. Unfortunately, defense spending fraud is not uncommon. If you need a defense contractor fraud lawyer, reach out to Feldman Legal Group by calling 877-946-8293.

Committing an act of fraud against the U.S. Department of Defense is immoral, and in many cases, it’s also illegal. Because of the serious nature of this offense, whistleblowers may need additional legal protection. If you are aware of an instance of fraud, reach out to our defense contractor whistleblower attorney.

What Laws and Statutes Relate to Contractor Fraud?

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When a contractor pursues funds from the U.S. government that it is not entitled to receive, this constitutes defense contractor fraud. If you are aware of contractor fraud, contacting a defense contractor whistleblower lawyer can help you to safely alert the proper authorities.

What Does the False Claims Act Do?

The first version of the False Claims Act became law in 1863. It was intended to prevent fraudulent actions by Union Army weapons suppliers during the American Civil War.

This piece of legislation has become the primary remedy when the government wants to punish offenders who have wrongfully taken federal property or assets. Unfortunately, it is often impossible to detect defense contractor fraud without the help of whistleblowers.

In addition to the legislation at the federal level, 30 states have passed their own laws to protect their funds and assets. These laws serve to protect the money paid by American taxpayers.

With the help of our defense contractor fraud lawyers, informants can work to stop fraud in its tracks. However, some employers may try to punish a whistleblower for exposing their wrongful actions. For this reason, knowing about the laws in place that protect your rights is vital. It’s also critical to have our knowledgeable and experienced legal team on your side.

Types of Claims that Can Be Filed Under the False Claims Act

Since its inception, the False Claims Act has changed significantly. This critical law has helped whistleblowers to recover more than $38 billion in fraudulently allocated funds.

The most common category of cases filed under the False Claims Act is known as “qui tam.” Qui tam cases are brought by whistleblowers or other private parties. In some instances, these cases are litigated without the help of the federal government.

Over time, the number of qui tam cases has grown significantly. Qui tam provisions in the False Claims Act allow private citizens to file litigation on behalf of the United States government.

To have a valid case, the filing party must have evidence that another party has fraudulently claimed public funds. Private parties are legally permitted to file qui tam claims, even if they have not sustained personal financial damage as a result of the fraud.

In a successful qui tam case, the filing party receives a portion of the recovered public funds. If aided by the government, the claimant is awarded 15-20% of the total amount. Without government assistance, the whistleblower may be awarded up to 30% of the financial recovery.

This financial reward helps to incentivize whistleblowers to report fraudulent claims against the government. If you are aware of wrongful or fraudulent claims, contact our skilled defense contractor whistleblower attorneys.

The laws protecting whistleblowers have been strengthened in the past few decades. Unfortunately, fraudulent contractors have found new strategies for attacking whistleblowers and challenging their claims.

The statutes that protect federal and state governments against fraud are very complex. Pursuing a whistleblower claim requires the skills and specialized knowledge of our defense contractor whistleblower lawyers. Securing the services of a knowledgeable legal professional will give you the best chance of recovering the compensation that you might be entitled to.

What Are Common Types of Defense Contractor Fraud?

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There are many different types of fraud when it comes to public defense contracts. However, some types of fraud and wrongful claims are more common than others.

Typical fraudulent contracting schemes include:

  • Providing faulty or defective services and products
  • Testing violations
  • Quality assurance fraud
  • Mischarging the government
  • Cross-charging products and services
  • Kickbacks, bribery, and bid-rigging
  • Self-dealing
  • Fraudulent pricing

Many people are unsure about what constitutes these unconscionable fraudulent actions. For instance, “price fixing” occurs when private companies work together to wrongfully increase the prices of goods or services. This allows them to fraudulently increase their profits.

“Bid-rigging” happens when corporations work together to submit contract bids at non-competitive levels. This results in unreasonably expensive contracts and higher profits for contractors.

Our defense contractor whistleblower lawyers can handle cases involving any of these categories of fraud. This allows honest actors to hold fraudulent companies accountable for their wrongful actions.

Regulatory Violations Are a Type of Fraud

Aside from price gouging, bribery, and other explicitly criminal activity, regulatory violations can also qualify as fraud. There are many complex regulations that apply to public contracts.

For example, the Buy American Act applies to purchases by the federal government priced at over $10,000. This piece of legislation requires the federal government to purchase materials and products from U.S. sources when possible.

This law applies to raw materials like steel and iron. It also regulates the purchase of manufactured products that are intended for use in American infrastructure projects.

In some cases, waivers and exceptions to the Buy American Act are possible. The specific requirements are determined by the type of product being purchased, the purchasing department, and available funding.

If you are aware that the U.S. Department of Defense is being defrauded, make sure to speak with our accomplished defense contractor whistleblower attorneys. You may be able to recover significant financial compensation and protect the funds of the American taxpayers.

What is the Truth in Negotiations Act?

The Truth in Negotiations Act is also known as “TINA.” This piece of legislation requires contractors to submit truthful, complete, and honest information to the government during contract negotiations.

Violations of TINA are called “defective pricing.” In many instances, contractors are required to submit cost information to the government during price negotiations.

TINA is intended to protect public institutions from fraudulent pricing and price gouging. Taxpayers should not have to pay unreasonable prices for the goods and services needed for public defense.

Because of this, contractors who are seeking agreements must provide the government with accurate and truthful pricing information. This helps public contracts to reflect fair market prices.

If you are aware of a regulatory violation that may constitute fraud, it is crucial to speak with a legal representative. Consulting with our defense contractor fraud lawyers will give you the best chance of securing a positive outcome and recovering financial compensation.

When you need to speak with an experienced defense contractor whistleblower lawyer, reach out to Feldman Legal Group. To discuss the facts of your case and determine the best path forward, contact our offices by calling 877-946-8293.

What Steps Should You Take to Report Defense Contractor Fraud?

If you are aware of a contractor or subcontractor who is engaged in fraud against the U.S. Department of Defense, it is important to take action. However, many potential whistleblowers do not know what to do following an instance of fraud.

It is important to follow the appropriate procedure for reporting defense contractor fraud. First and foremost, you should consult with our military contractor fraud lawyers. Our experienced legal representatives will thoroughly review the facts of your case. This will help you to better understand all of your legal rights and options. The sensitive information that you share with our defense contractor fraud lawyers will remain completely confidential.

You should never have to worry about retaliation for sharing the truth with a trusted legal professional.

If your case permits, you can file a whistleblower suit under the terms of the False Claims Act. When you do so, the suit is filed “under seal.” This means that the information contained in your claim can only be viewed by the government and the courts.

The seal on these lawsuits is intended to protect whistleblowers from retaliation from fraudulent contractors. Once the suit has been filed, the U.S. federal government has a right to become involved in the case. Sometimes, the government does not decide to involve itself in whistleblower cases.

Even if the government chooses not to intercede, the filing party can still pursue legal action to secure compensation. However, the question of the government’s involvement will affect the implications of a successful False Claims Act lawsuit.

For example, a suit in which the government is not involved may result in a higher financial payment for the whistleblower. Your military contractor fraud lawyer will help you navigate the specific circumstances of your whistleblower lawsuit.

After your case has been settled, your legal representative will continue to provide you with legal protection. When a whistleblower faces harassment, discrimination, or retaliation from a fraudulent actor, they have legal recourse.

Retaliatory actions against whistleblowers can be grounds for additional financial rewards. This helps to protect whistleblowers and disincentivize defense contractor fraud.

Frequently Asked Questions for Defense Contractor Fraud Lawyers

Do contract fraud whistleblowers need an attorney?

Lawsuits involving qui tam regulations through the False Claims Act are incredibly complex. They also involve highly sensitive information and some level of risk on the part of the whistleblower.

For these reasons, it is critical to hire an attorney with plenty of experience protecting the rights and confidentiality of whistleblowers. You should not try to pursue a whistleblower claim without skilled legal representation.

With the help of our trusted legal professionals in Florida, you may be able to recover significant compensation from the fraudulent defense contractor. The team at Feldman Legal Group has the skills and experience to effectively fight for you.

What are anti-dumping duties?

Anti-dumping duties are a type of tax that the U.S. government levies when it suspects an importer is selling goods below market value. Anti-dumping duties are intended to protect domestic manufacturers from being under-bid by international importers.

Without these taxes, it would be difficult for U.S. companies to compete with low-cost goods from China and other companies. Violations of anti-dumping duties can constitute defense contractor fraud.

Common examples of anti-dumping regulations fraud include:

  • Falsifying country of origin markers
  • Falsifying classification of products or items
  • Not paying required anti-dumping taxes

If you are aware of any of these violations, speak with our experienced legal professionals. A skilled defense contract whistleblower attorney with Feldman Legal Group will help you hold dishonest companies accountable. You may also be entitled to a portion of the financial recovery from the case.

What are prevailing wage standards?

Prevailing wage standards are regulations that ensure contractor bidding is fair. These standards prevent companies from under-bidding and securing a contract fraudulently.

Under these regulations, the U.S. Department of Labor is permitted to set prevailing wages to create an even playing field for workers and companies.

What is “improper product substitution”?

This type of defense contractor fraud occurs when an unscrupulous business wrongfully substitutes products or materials with cheaper alternatives. Government contracts usually require private businesses to use American-made materials of a certain standard of quality.

When a company substitutes these materials for cheap or foreign-made products to save on costs, it constitutes defense contract fraud.

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